Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This guy is having a tough week, as is our entire family.  Brent's dad, Bill suffered a stroke on Sunday evening.  He is OK, but experiencing some muscle weakness and blood pressure problems.  He remains in the hospital and surrounded by people that love him and are preparing to help with the steps back to strength.  He is in good spirits.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. 
2.  As you likely know my husband and I met via Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a co-ed community service fraternity, while at OU.  Many of our friends joined as well and we spent hundreds of hours in college doing community service  We are trying to pass that tradition on to our own kids.  This weekend, the Wainrights hosted a party to collect and pact boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The kids helped sort, make capes, and write little notes to the ten recipients and now we'll get to track where our boxes end up.  We also snacked, played, talked, and had a wonderful time!
3.  This guy is not feeling so hot.  He has a little cold and is having trouble breathing and sleeping.  Thus we are all having trouble sleeping.  We took him to the Doctor and confirmed he doesn't have an ear infection  he is just miserable. 
4.  M and I went to Ashtyn's pony party this weekend and had a grand time. M was a little nervous of all the strangers and to my great surprise was scared to ride the actual ponies in attendance.  She did eat a HUGE number of carrot sticks though and enjoyed playing and helping with the presents.
5.  Soccer Season is over.  We will miss our Dragonfly buddies and look forward to playing in the spring. I think we will miss the Tigers a bit less and do not anticipate M playing again any time soon.  B is now back to happily to swimming and M is taking dance once a week. 
6.  Last week, Brent and I went to the installation of the new OSSM President - Frank Y. H. Wang, Ph.D.  Meanwhile, the kids stayed home with Grammie and Granddaddy doing fun things like building this LEGO Mater.  I am so glad for all the time they get with their Grandparents.
7.  So, with the stroke and sickness here I completely missed our 12 on the 12th and E's 5 month post and pictures.  They will happen sometime this week, maybe when there is less snot on his nose every minute.  Able took some pictures for me so we'll see what we can cobble together.  More to come on our cutie.

8. This Thursday evening there is a GW Alumni Event at Put a Cork in it Winery in OKC. I plan to attend and if there are any local alums you can find more information here.  There will be events like this all over the country so if you aren't in OK you can likely find one near you as well on the calender here

9.  For those following the story of my sister's little family.  I wanted to let you know that they had an in utero ECHO done this week on the new little baby they are expecting in February and it looked good!  Hooray for happy news in a tough week.

10.  You may recall that for the last two years Beef Wellington has become our family's Thanksgiving Tradition after my Grandfather found a recipe in the Wall Street Journal.  This Sunday at 5:30, I will be teaching a class at Savory Spice Shop in OKC that will teach participants how to make this delicious and fancy dish.  The class costs $20 paid in advance and is limited to 20 participants.  We will be working off our family's adapted version of the original Wall Street Journal recipe, using Savory Spice products and sharing a taste of our family's new tradition.  If you'd like to join in, they are doing sign ups at the shop (4400 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118) or you can sign up by phone during business hours 405-525-9119 or via email to okc@savoryspiceshop.com.  Of course you can also contact me, my Mom, or brother to sign up. 

I hope to see some of you this weekend and pray that all your families have a safe and healthy week and holiday season. 

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