Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DD: 18-21

When last we left the days of December Daily, we were somewhere around here, right?

So, here's what happened next.  I ran out of divided page protectors and started sticking the photo and journaling cards all in this one pocket, which is just not nearly as psychically satisfying. 

I also went back and wrote up day 14 focusing on family fun and family pictures, primarily.  I will fill in the photo with one from the family photo shoot with Heather

Then I added a second page to Day 16.  There were alot of cool stories besides opening presents on the 16th so I highlighted making E's paving stone, crazy boys' new undershirts and, I think, some Z & M at the farm stories. (The other pictures wandered off with M, but will make their way back I'm sure, right?)

The eighteenth we made the gingerbread house from the Kiwi Crate Christmas Crafts kit and loved it.  The base materials were cardboard, but there were lots of related little crafts to make and add to the house and more than enough decorating supplies. (This is 1 of 2 projects in the box and we loved both.  If you use that link to sign up both you and I get $10 off). 

The 19th I volunteered at B's school to help the kindergartners make "gingerbread" houses (yes, our third "gingerbread" house making this year.  This is slightly ironic as B wanted to make one all year last year and we never did.  Problem solved!) Only the first gingerbread houses this year involved actual gingerbread, this time it was graham crackers attached with icing to milk cartons.  There were about 120 kindergartners at play with lots of adults helping out and so much candy!  I hadn't planned on coming as it was a big logistical challenge to rework my job and pick ups for the other kids, but after Sandy Hook was reminded that I need to be there and take these opportunities.  Also, I loved getting to help B and think he feels extra special when we're present for class activities  and he is!

December 20th when the kids got home from school I handed out new elf or Santa hats and asked them to be Santa's helpers by doing some craft projects with me to cheer up other kids that might be sad this winter.  We made a bunch more paper snowflakes and decorated paper hearts with glitter glue. We haven't told them about Sandy Hook other than a general statement to B over the weekend about some sad parents and kids to explain our extra hugs.  Here we took that same general line just saying we were cheering them up, but not what happened. (You can read more about sending snowflakes to Sandy Hook here). 

December 21 was supposed to be a play day for M and Grandma as M was off school, but everyone else was still "in." However, it ended up mostly being a sick day as E was sick, and M was getting there.  They did have one adventure to the duck pond and watched some dance flash mobs on utube while E and I went to the Doctor (Yes, he has another double ear infection and is very miserable).  

Ok, I will be back fairly soon with the 22nd and 23rd and then probably a few days later with the days that follow!
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