Sunday, December 2, 2012

DD1: Movie Day!

Day 1 - Family Movie Day - Bill got a pass from the hospital to spend the afternoon at the movies with us.  We saw Wreck It Ralph and enjoyed snacks, popcorn, drinks and a great time together.  The movie was a great fit and everyone did really well.  Afterwards, we braved Toys R Us as Granddaddy thought one more treat was in order.  B picked a Skylander and M a Sleeping Beauty Castle thing (true to form on both counts).  E stayed home and played with Grammie.  A great time was had by all.
Cover inspired by Annette H and Smbradford
I was amazed how quickly this page was finished.  So much so that I made another Christmas page with pictures from 2010 and decided that my album needed just a bit more--- Look!  I found a 2012 badge to go right in the center serving double duty of being cute and putting the year on the front cover as is my normal practice.  

As I fell asleep I remembered a few more observations I wanted to add.  So, see that red tab at the top of the photo? If you pull that up there are a few more of my favorite memories and the ticket stubs from the movie! I just made them an extra little pocket and it worked great.   I'm loving this system. 
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Claire T said...

What a fun way to start December. I love your cover!


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