Friday, March 22, 2013

E @ 9 months

So, here is where we left off at 8 months.  So much has changed since that I'm a bit worried about accurately reflecting what happened before he turned 9 months old on 3/12 and what happened after.  Again, I'm using the quotes from Ten on Tuesday (dated) along with my general memories and photos. 

 February 12, 2013 - Lil' E is, as usual, awesome.  He went to the Dr. on Monday to have his ear's checked (two-week follow-up from the last infection).  Believe it or not -- no ear infection!  (This is very rare with our kids).  He is (knock on wood) sleeping better.  He is worming his way around the house and getting into mischief.  Today, he is quite a bit more fussy than usual. I have no idea why, but hopefully just overtired as we hear he didn't nap well today at childcare.  He currently adores being held up by fingers to stand or holding onto a window sill or elsewhere to keep his standing balance. We're switching out all of his clothes this weekend for the next size up as his little tum tum is showing quite a bit these days. I thought he looked quite different when I returned form DC.  I think part of it was his quickly growing hair.  As it grows, his face gets reframed a bit and starts to look like it is a different shape.  Now that he prefers a 6:15 am wake-up time we're getting some one-on-one time in the mornings.  He has a big bottle, changes clothes, and then we do some floor playtime until Brent joins us for breakfast.  As much as I miss sleeping in, it is nice for some quiet play time with the little one while he's at his happiest.  
E enjoyed his first trailing hearts for Valentine's day.  He thoroughly examined (and chewed on) many of them.  Curious and cute!
This month also included a fun winter zoo trip.
 As I mention frequently, he has no use for shoes or socks and removes them constantly, even when it means cold toes. 

He made the trip to Dallas and was very good in the car.  He seemed to have no problem with the chaos of a big kids party and just went with the flow.  All these things are very promising. 

I am getting decidedly lazy about baby food making.  We have only maybe three different things in the freezer and are increasingly feeding him bits of table food and lots of applesauce with anything we happen to have.  He prefers things he can feed himself, but we try to make sure he gets some in puree form or from us on a spoon too.

E did lots of work on learning to crawl, pull up, and motor along this month.  Digging through this controllers box is one of his favorite activities. 

We have made great friends with our neighborhood kids this year.  Here, E is building with hug LEGO blocks at F's birthday party.  Happily Bouncin' craze has a baby area where he could play without getting trampled. 

I so very often have to put him down when he sleeps, but for this moment, I kept him close and savored rather than doing the thousand things on my to do list.  This also was during a week or two where he adopted very late afternoon naps (around 4:30 or so).  It seemed to help his sleeping at night to have these little late naps.  By the end of the month he had mostly transitioned to one really long nap instead.  It is very early for that, but probably a result of the schedule he's dealing with that isn't centered on his napping wishes. 

February 26, 2012 - We are enjoying our happy baby.  He (and we) is delighted to report that both of his top teeth have now broken through (right on the 21st and left on the 24th).  He, extremely randomly, slept 13 hours last night. He has slept you know 10-11 hours a few times a week for awhile now, but 13 is unheard of, and weird, but we're fine with it:)  He got weighed (fully clothed) while I was at the doctor on Friday and was up to 24 lbs!! (crazy) I hear he is only taking one 1.5 hour nap at child care and seems to sleep better when he adds in another 30-45 minute (or longer) nap in the late afternoon.  I'm glad he's getting the rest he needs, but kind of miss the awake time with him in the afternoons.  He did exceptionally well on our recent trip to Dallas, other than needing to be able to see me at all times.  This is just part of his recent separation anxiety that happens everywhere as he very much NEEDS to have a parent in sight if at all possible.  Normal, but a bit frustrating.  We shipped off nearly all the 9 month and smaller clothes to baby Rowan so now we're mostly in 12 or 18 month outfits, already!  He adores chewing on his socks and we really must get a few more that actually fit or stay on for at least a few minutes.  

He adores playing with video game controllers, cables, and skylanders figures--- is gaming genetic?  (Side note - I have asked Brent this question and apparently if it "were" the gene would likely come from the Mom, for reasons I'm forgetting.  And yet, no one in my family history is much of a gamer....hmmmm)

March 5, 2013 - E has had sort of an odd week.  In happy news he has achieved many milestones this week: waving, clapping, more sophisticated crawling... (and sleeping through the night all week).  His formula consumption is wildly all over the map.  For several days, he was down to four bottles a day.  The last two days, he has oddly seemed to "need" huge amounts of formula over the course of an afternoon.  He capped that experience by vomiting huge amounts of formula all over me this evening.  Able and Kari graciously offered to help from a great distance without moving towards the debacle.  (Infant vomiting is so glamorous and hysterical).  He is starting to play with his siblings more.  For more than 30 minutes today while I made dinner he played with or near them in the living room.  They only lost track of where he was once.... (perhaps I give them a bit too much credit sometimes).  It all ended well and he loves them so very much.  We're getting a lot of awesome smiles and loving all those waves and claps as he perfects his new coordination!
Aside from my never ending love for this smile, my favorite thing this month was his trick of crawling right into my lap to snuggle.  He usually just stays for a minute or two, but I LOVE it. 

March 12, 2013 -  E has slept through the night for two weeks and now seems to be back to one wake up a night.  Time change? Hmmm, maybe not going to get my miracle of a child sleep-training himself after all.  He can now clap, wave, pull up on things, crawl, take 3 hour naps, and play quietly by himself for extended periods of time (it is odd, but good!) 

We love this little guy and our new family dynamic so much.  This picture is our vision of the future and he probably wasn't doing it the day he switched to 9 months old, but now pulls up all the time and will stand holding just one of my fingers.  To be continued....

Updated: Stats -- I'm not sure where the stats sheet went (mommy fail), but my memory was that he was 24lbs 3oz (92%), 27.75 inches (?) (27%--- a first for us as our other kids have always been quite tall), Head Circumference - 67th percentile. 

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