Monday, April 8, 2013

Matryoshka Doll Party

Bethany & Ashtyn invited M to join in their Matryoshka Play date fun this weekend.

The party was gorgeous full of candy, crafts, delicious treats and 10 adorable little girls. 

M, again, did that strange thing were she randomly switches personalities with B and is suddenly very shy, won't participate in activities, and must be touching my body at all times.  It is confusing and frustrating.

Aren't they lovely? We only knew three of the girls, but all of them for sweet and having a wonderful time. 

This was a very cool pinata.  Instead of breaking it open with a bat or something, each girl pulled on one of the strings until they picked the right one and the bottom of the doll opened, dropping plastic jewelry, ring pops, bouncy balls, and shiny toy lizards. 

Each girl got to pick her own stuffed matroyshka doll, to go with the coordinating pin, cookie, necklace, and stickers in the treat bag.  It was a gorgeous party and I'm so glad we got to participate even if M wasn't quite her usual self.  

Thanks to the Barlow-Nguyens for inviting us!
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