Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Week: Ladybug

For a very long time your nickname has been ladybug and it is so you. This spring, I saw that the Myriad Gardens was having a ladybug release party so I had to take you.  As a special extra treat, you got the whole day off school for this special date with Mama.  We dressed you up in your fanciest ladybug costume and matching bow that I made just for you. 

You are so beautiful my darling girl.  So precious to me. It is so important to me that we find these moments to just be girls together. 
You carefully released all your ladybug friends into waiting plants.  Somewhere around this time, the newspaper photographer captured you and you had your first big photo in the Daily Oklahoman.

Then it was time for an impromptu ladybug dance!

I love to watch you dance.  I love dancing with you. I love these moments when I can focus on you and only you.  I wish there were more of them.  We'll make more, every year. I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to have a daughter, better still that my very own daughter is you ladybug!

You carefully rescued some ladybugs that had wandered on to the path. Sometimes you are wild and brash, loud or scattered.  But the reality is that you are very tender too.  If someone is angry or harsh with you, you break down and can't function well at all.  I am, it turns out, just like that.  I don't handle it well, but hope we can learn to together and that over time as you grow you'll have better mechanisms to deal with this (and probably get into trouble less too, right??)

So sweet, smart, fun, and beautiful.  I love that you still marvel in little things and love being fancy. I do too. 

There is so much of me in you.  The sad face here is because we were having to leave when you wanted to stay.  I so wished we could have stayed all day, sadly, this day I had to work, but we do the best with what we have beautiful girl.  There will be more ladybug parties and dancing in the year to come and I, at least, will always remember this first ladybug party, just you, ladybug, and your mama.
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