Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Week: Ten on Tuesday

Random and in no particular order, 10 memories from M's year:

1.  She loved ballet.  Sometimes, I think she loved watching ballet more than doing it.  She went to the Nutcracker for the first time and didn't move a muscle for the first Act and knew just what was going on thanks to her Nutcracker book.  After that, she watched the Nutcracker on Netflix and Prima Princessa's Swan Lake, this spun out into Angelina Ballerina, the Strawberry Shortcake Ballet Book and other similar things.  We do lots of dancing at home and had a grand time.  She had her first dance recital as well on a very chaotic May day.

2.  This was her first year as a big sister.  Sometimes it was awesome as she walked baby E around.  Sometimes, she hugged him a bit too hard or tried to pull him around places. It was tough to not get to have as much attention or have things from her parents when she wanted them.  She is, in general, very helpful and loving and things E is silly (he is).  I think this is smoothing out as E takes less focused attention and is more fun to play with.

3.  Layers -- M wore lots of layers this year regardless of the season.  Most often this was manafest in wearing multiple skirts at the same time, but sometimes more than one shirt or a dress and some skirts.  She loves to be fancy and tends to wear dresses or skirts every day and layers pants when necessary for warmth.

4.  Hair - M's hair is fairly long now and was trimmed about 4 times (it really should be trimmed again soon).  We've experimented with a variety of braids and wearing lots of hair clips.  Most days it is a headband with some flowers or bows in it, but we've let her go all out and put a rainbow of clips in if she wants.  M and Grandma have added to her collection of clips and just this week she got a very fancy new soft head band.

5.  Helping - this has gone back and forth. Now, when she's rested, she is a huge help and wants to be doing anything with me, particularly helping cook with our spices or helping with her little brother.  Other times she still doesn't get that just because she doesn't "want" to do something that she still has to anyway.  She is an excellent little shopping companion though and I love when she holds my hand through the grocery store.

6.  Flowers/Gardening - M loves to check on our gardens and now brings me flowers weekly.  She is very excited when we put them in vases and likes to help pick out which ones we'll plant next.  I sometimes forget to plant enough flowers v. vegetables, but M reminds me and I'm so glad we have a lot for her to choose from now.

7.  Ipad - This time last year, I feel like she was less into watching things on the ipad or netflix, but now she definitely likes it.  Her favorites vary, but this week it is Handy Manny.  Prior weeks featured Ballet, Barney, Angelina, Wonder Pets, Tinker Bell, Sofia the First,  Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Fairy programs, Prima Princessa, Caillou, etc...

8. Singing - M spent a lot of time in the car with me picking up and dropping off her brothers (and later her).  We listened to a lot of kids songs and now she can sing many of them.  Our favorites are the french ones though.  We've been working on saying a few other phrases in french and she seems to love how they feel on her tongue.  She also loves singing songs at night time.  Her favorite by a landslide is Tingalayo.  She does wish I'd remember all the words to her special song from Grandma, but I usually get stuck somewhere along the way.  Her special song is a bit more complicated than her brother's!

9.  Stuffies - M & B have started calling stuffied animals "stuffies." She currently loves them.  She requested a "soft pink bear" for Christmas and has loved it.  She also got two new stuffies on our trip to CO and one from one of my trips.  Today, she and Grandma took a picture of all of our stuffed animals and dolls, which I hear was quite the under taking.  She sleeps with a lot of her stuffies and wants more at all times.  I admit, I also loved stuffed animals so I don't mind this new development at a bit.

10. Arts & Crafts - M was super lucky to have Ms. Vhonda as her teacher this year as it meant lots of crafts at school that were awesome.  Anytime she wasn't in school we immediately had to think up a bunch of other crafts or she went in to withdrawal (just like her mama).  We had great fun with a few months of Kiwi Crates and are increasingly more successful at scrapbooking together.  She really likes to emboss, stamp, and paint things, which is cool.  Our most recent artistic endeavors have been the watercolor pencils.  She has made some really fun paintings this summer and I love that it has brought painting into our everyday as it is much less messy now.

She is a busy, fun, smart, beautiful girl with a wide variety of interests and tons of energy. I've loved playing with her and watching her preferences grow and change.  I'm excited to see what comes next!

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