Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

As mentioned, I'm taking the Hello Story with Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes.  One of the week 2 activities was to fill in a series of prompts to make a page about yourself or someone else.  I did a two page spread about me, based on Ali's model.  It was great fun!

In week 1 of the class we were thinking about timelines as a story telling tool. This one has some highlights of the first 15 years of Brent and my relationship including photos from the first, seventh, ,and 15th year!

The day my July SC kit arrived I immediately dove in and made this page about our trip to Colorado using almost exclusively items from the kit.  This page is about the random miniature horse show we watched one afternoon. 

Finally, we have a random celebratory page talking about these little creatures.  Each of our kids has one and received it on their first birthday from a different person.  Fun!
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