Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday


1.  Hooray! Big congratulations to my new Godson Rowan on his baptism on Sunday.  This is my first time as a Godmother and I am so honored to be chosen.  Ro is an awesome, tiny dude and I'm sure we're going to have great times.  Here he is wearing his baptismal garment that was made by his Great-Grandmother (who was in attendance) for her kids many years ago and also worn by big brother Zane. 

2.  Ok, so I'm struggling with the whole weight loss/fiscal fitness thing. I manage to stay on track for about 3 days at a time and then fail miserably.  I inevitably start again shortly thereafter and know I will keep trying.  Above is today's example.  While the big kids and Brent were at swimming E and I got ready for our run.  We made it around the cul de sac and then I realized the wheels on the jogging stroller were completely flat.  Eventually, I got that sorted out after realizing it is much easier without the 25lb baby in the stroller. (Sigh).  Also, I really truly intended to buy the jogging stroller with solid rubber tires so this wouldn't be an issue, but again... Anyway, we then made it approximately one block before it started to rain.  Admittedly, I likely would have kept going by myself, but with little dude along I turned around and we went back in to dry off.  There was already a substantial puddle at the bottom of the stroller and rain continued for hours.  I tried to make do with a Yoga DVD on Amazon Prime, but Denise Austen is way to perky for yoga and also not nearly as satisfying as a run :(  ---- end of today's rant.

3.  I am trying to do some back to school prep earlier to avoid large crowds, time pressures, and spending all that money at once.  Yesterday, we bought new "running" shoes for the big kids. I had the best intentions of going to Stride Rite for my kids' hard to fit feet (and they have Star Wars shoes!) I failed to notice the one in the mall near me is closed until September.  We forged ahead with cranky baby E in tow and after only two stores found new shoes for M & B that they both love.  We topped off the trip with a ride in this little merry go round.  This is the first time E has sat in one by himself.  He loved it and was so sad to go.

4.  Today, bought school supplies. B had the normal list of things from his school.  He did get a Skylanders Pencil case and folders--- although he has been duly warned and understands that they may be for the whole class not just him. (Sad face).  Meanwhile, M did not really need any school supplies, but got a pencil case as her crayons, pencils, etc... are always all over the place, and a new spiral notebook for her creative endeavors.  E got the above lunch box and back pack.  Can you believe he will be wearing a backpack to school in a month? Craziness.  I also try to picture packing him lunch and other than putting in a pint of blueberries I'm not sure what will happen. It was fun to do the school supply shopping, but a little less cool when you know most of the supplies for B aren't actually for him specifically so they're a bit more generic. As he gets older, that will change, but for now, we're buying 24 pencils, 12 glue sticks, 2 packs of 24 crayons, antiviral kleenex, etc....

5.  Here's my beautiful sis and her adorable baby Ro (aka my Godson).  Isn't he cute?  His main hobbies include rolling all over the floor, trying to crawl, and squeaking in this high pitched little voice.  He does not particularly like naps, but does sleep a lot better at night than his big bro so I think we're considering that a win.  He looks so totally unlike my kids that it blows my mind.  Love you Ro baby. 

6.  E and I braved our first air plane rides alone.  It is weird that he is more than a year old for this milestone, but it was time.  Each of our kids has had a trip to see Aunt Audra with just mommy while they were a lap child and he made the most of his.  Overall, he did quite well on the plane and on our adventure overall.  He did have a couple of his temper moments, particularly after waking up from a late nap on Sunday, but mostly was snuggly, loveable, and showing off his continuing attempts at walking.  The walking attempts include so much falling.  He practiced a lot in the airport on the way back to the great amusement of the other passengers. Happily he slept the last 45 minutes of an extra long flight back as we were stuck in the air circling OKC while they waited on the weather of all things? (How awesome is this cool rain we're having?)
7.  In our continuing fun things of summer series, today we went to a library program called "The Magical Archaeologist."  We mostly picked it at random as we needed to go to a library  program to complete our summer reading series.  This, I think, was done by the same guy we saw maybe four years ago when B was much littler and the show had a different theme, but some similar tricks.  I think the kids had a good time and I definitely enjoyed snuggling with them.  Now, to find something awesome to do next week (or sooner!)

8.  Brent is helping lead a camp at OSSM for some metro area high school students.  If you get the actually Daily Oklahoman you may have seen him in today's paper working with them on microscopy.  (If you did, and don't mind, can you send me a copy?)  There have been some bumps in this project, but he isn't in charge and is going with the flow. 

9.  This guy got a clean bill of health from his Doctor at his 1 year (aka 13 month) Dr. Apt. on Friday.  He is 24.5 lbs (86%), 29.5 in (22%), 47.5 cm head (80%).  The unusual thing for us is that very low height number.  My husband is quite tall as are our other two children. The current projections have this guy not being nearly as tall, maybe 5 ft 9in, which is perfectly reasonable, but just different as most of the men in our family are over 6 ft tall.  That said, there are plenty of Blakley men and a few Rouse ones as well under 6ft so it isn't out of the question.  He is also in the middle of a word explosion with lots of new words all the time as well as plenty of new steps taken every day.  So cute, cuddly, and quite pleased with himself as he reaches new milestones.

10.  I am taking the Big Picture Classes Hello Story Class and loving it.  It is really making me think about different ways I can tell stories and try out alternative page structures.  I am a little frustrated as I don't have access to all of my photos due to some ridiculous issues related to restoring my backups, but I'm making do and loving the experience so far.  

Have a happy summer week!
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