Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Good news on the swimming front. M did much better with her class today than last week (particularly as she actually got in the water.  It helped that we discovered that her new teacher's name is Kari and as she loves Kari that is a plus even if it is a different person?)  B's class is just much more challenging than he's had so far.  The good news is that he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He just keeps trying and plugging right along.  He seems strangely oblivious or unbothered by the fact that he's struggling a bit or not moving very slowly.  Far be it from me to mention it as he seems quite pleased.  Today they were working on the back stroke. I only saw the end of the lesson as I had been helping M change, but it was quite interesting. 

2.  The big kids are at Zoo camp this week, which means our schedule is a bit different.  Mostly it means E and I get an hour and half together one on one in the morning.  He does a lot of playing by himself, but we also work on not eating dirt for quite a bit of the time as well as a little walking practice and snuggling.  He woke up way to early today and I let him sleep on my chest for an hour or two as he wouldn't sleep alone and I know that this is going to happen only what five or so more times in my life? (Sob)

3.  E has to be growing as he is ravenously hungry. He just wants to be eating at all times.  He also, sadly, has started biting people, which is not OK.  Sometimes B has discovered that the biting means E is hunger.  Sigh.  Most of the time though he is just adorable and cuddly (see above).  Strangely, he and I have finally found a real rhythm and plan to his days.  The problem being, of course, that it is going to come to a crash in about 5 weeks or so, but we're not thinking about that now. 

4.  I got a new phone this week, as mentioned.  B and Brent conspired to make my wall paper and lock screen a this picture of B (without the text).  This has the odd result of his face splitting in half when certain crop downs occur.  It is disturbing, but so far I've left it as he thinks it is hillarious. 
This is the reading "cave" we made for one challenge about reading in a cave with a flashlight, which we combined with reading to a stuffed animal activity.
5.  B continues to work through all his various interesting reading tasks from the library and Ms. Sheetz.  We've done a myriad of interesting things and keep trying new ones.  We're also now exploring some of the websites his teacher recommended.  We tried a math games one, but it was just to fast and he got discouraged pretty easily.  What we really need to try and work on is penmanship, but so far, just a few writing prompts a week and some discussions about making the whole letter so we can read what he's saying. I do love his enthusiasm for all the reading projects and doing them with him (some are things beyond actual reading, you know research, exploring, exercise, drawing, letter patterns, etc).  We did a few science experiments this weekend as well. Some went better than others, as usual.

6.  Oh, this guy is starting to walk.  So far, his maximum steps taken at once is around 7, but we're seeing more steps every day, more standing, and more ability to crouch and stand back up. In the picture above he has just taken the first steps we'd seen a few moments early and was quite proud. 

7.  This is Lady M and her horse on the airplane.  The horse was an impulse buy at the airport, and her constant companion on the trip.  They are not quite as close now that we're home, but it is still a bit part of her play and a new treasured friend.  She also got a small black bear on the trip that she plays with and snuggles at night.  (I must ask her what their names are again as they change and I seem to have forgotten).

8.  I'm trying to do at least one small outing a week during the day with the kids to take advantage of working part time.  We used to do these all the time, but they had tapered off.  Here is E climbing the tower at the Myriad Gardens Children Garden.  We recently purchased a membership to the Myriad Gardens and plan on going a lot more as they continue to ramp up their programming for kids and families.  We may even no paint garden gnomes there on Friday after zoo camp.

9.  Brent is participating in a new initiative for Science Educators in Oklahoma.  It is the "Beta" group so a bit unclear what it will entail, but for now he is attending the Vision 2020 conference about Oklahoma education and his specially selected group of science educators will begin meeting tomorrow.  It sounds like a good project and nice to be in on the ground floor.  I think they are all hoping for a bit more clarity on what exactly it will entail from here. 

10.  Tomorrow I am meeting with the other proposed "founders" of the OKC GW Alumni club for happy hour.  Mostly, I'm hoping that other people show up, which qualifies as low expectations, but I would like to find others in the GW community in OK so we shall see how it goes!

Have a lovely week!
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