Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday Week: Five on Friday

Five on Friday is usually five of my favorite things at the moment.  During birthday week, it is, of course, the lucky birthday girl's favorites.  I tried not to over think this so I went with the first five to come to mind.

1.  Fluffly Skirts/Purple/Dancing - ,,Conveniently, M picked a few of her favorite things yesterday while having her special birthday shopping trip (with her Birthday money from Great-Granddaddy Rouse -- Thank you!)  Her first pick was this fluffy, purple, sequin skirt.  She has variations on this skirt concept in at least four other colors and pretty much wears them every day year round with or without pants/shorts underneath as appropriate.  She loves the shine and swirl of her favorite skirts.  They also highlight her favorite activity --- dancing!

2.  Stuffies/Ponies - Lately, as mentioned on Tuesday, M has fallen for stuffed animals, more specifically ponies.  Yesterday, she chose this huge Fluttershy My Little Pony and promptly brought it home to play with her herd of various other ponies, which for the day were mostly renamed Fluttershy too!

3.  Flowers/Outside - She loves to pick, hold, give, and wear flowers.  She typically wears a headband with at least one flower clip every day! 

4.  Sweets/Friends - M is a little hesitant in new social situations, but once she warms up she loves to play with her friends (Pictured here is Allie).  She really loves sweets though in a way her brother's don't yet.  They "want them" have a taste and move on, usually, she eats them right up.  She likes candy, suckers, and ice cream the best right now.  Here she has a strawberries & cream cone from the Roxy Ice Cream truck eaten while adventuring with friends at the Myriad gardens. 

5.  Her brothers (And water play) - She adores her brothers big and little.  She and B are finally old enough to do a lot of play/pretend time together without me.  I've listened in this summer as they have played house and a myriad of other adventures all on their own.  She likes to be E's mom a bit more than is necessary, but loves to snuggle, hug, and play with him too.  All three are big fans of water play and LEGO building this summer.  I love seeing them all together and seeing her so happy surrounded by fun and love!
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