Sunday, August 4, 2013

Birthday Week: Scrappy Sunday {Updated}

Colorado Trip - June 2013
As is our new tradition, starting with E's birthday, I'm taking our family tradition of setting scrapbook pages on our mantel during birthday week into this space and adding the ones from the current year here as well.  I was surprised to discover that a lot of the pages I did about M this year were actually from other years of her life, but here are most of the ones I've done so far about M @ 3.  
Dance Recital - May 2013
Dance Recital - May 2013
Last Day of School - May 2013
Playing with her brothers - Spring 2013
Being adorable - August 2012
Back to School - August 2012
Birthday Presents - August 2012
Birthday Party - August 2012
Mama & Maggie - September 2012
Favorite Book - Winter 2012-2013
Fairy Ball - October 2012
Barons - May 2013
M@3 - September 2012
New Shoes - August 2012
Mani-Pedi with Aunt Audra - September 2012

So Very Maggie - February 2012

As usual, I'm not a chronological scrapbooker so I'll likely tell a lot more stories from this year in years to come! Also, there were some times this year where I stopped taking photos of layouts so there are a few others including one about soccer and one from her birthday that aren't included here. 
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