Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stuffie Family Photo

Last week, Grandma dropped by for an unexpected week-day visit.  One of the happy side effects was a Stuffie (aka stuffed animal) family photo.  She worked with the kids and their babysitter to gather up as many stuffed animals and dolls as they could find. So much fun and a great collection of beloved friends. 

E got right in the mix and with all kids was magnetically drawn to Elmo. 

M shows a slight preference for the dolls, but loves everyone (The doll in her hand is her Clara Nutcracker doll from the Nutcracker last year).

So much fun! I love living so close to Grandma that she can drop by whenever.  She is so creative and full of fun and different adventures to enjoy with the kids. Hooray for Grandma B!

(NOTE: these photos were taken before the birthday adventures so there are a few more stuffies now...)
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