Friday, August 9, 2013

Healing Scraps (Day 1)

Quick reminder - we're distributing all of your generous donations tomorrow at Paper Crown in OKC. 

There are so many amazing donations.  Baby E had a rough night and wasn't quite himself this mornign so I stayed home with him until he felt better.  By the time I made it to the store every flat surface was covered in donations.  I helped open some of the remaining boxes and recognized names of people I know, people from Studio Calico, my sister, and many others I've never met or heard of from all over the US and Japan.  There are roughly 150 boxes total and many of them haven't been opened yet as all the space is filled.  We'll keep opening and sharing through the day tomorrow. 

Happily there are lots of tools and albums as well as paper.  A lot more pictures follow, but my favorite story from the day is when a little girl discovered an Amy Tan Daybook and started dreaming about what she could do with it. She flipped through the pages thinking about all the things she she was going to put in there.  We helped her find some supplies to use. 

Nearby, her mom was still struggling with her emotions in the wake of such a hard summer.  She chatted with another woman who had lost her home about the emotional ups and downs, insurance companies, the need to document this experience and so many lost supplies. 

In that moment, I knew we'd done the right thing.  We'd reached the people I was worried about and been able to help them heal a little bit.  I'm so excited to see what tomorrow brings. 

If you know anyone impacted by the storms that might benefit from these supplies please send them our way: Paper Crown, 9303 N. Pennsylvania Ave., OKC, OK, Saturday, August 10th from 10am-4pm.

Thanks again to everyone for your generosity and support!
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I am so proud of you for doing this service for your fellow scrapbookers who have suffered the loss of their supplies and so much more. Good intentions without action and useless. Glad you stepped out there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this for the folks that lost so much!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and writing about the distribution. My friend Linda and I shipped some stuff to you. It is wonderful to see the out pouring of people to try and brighten the day for those are trying to cope with the crisis that visited their lives.

God Bless!

Mentor, Ohio


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