Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scrappy Sunday: Project Life Edition

Project Life is a wildly popular memory keeping system using pocket pages designed by Becky Higgins.  it has grown and evolved into many different directions as people join and add their own style and preferences.  At its most simple it is photos and words about events slipped in to pages (ie no adhesive needed).  Whether it is something done weekly, monthly, daily, for a year, it all varies.  I have not done it before because I wanted my scrapbooking to be more artistic.  The reality is that I just have limited time and unlimited stories and moments to get 'in the book."  Not to mention limited space for the books.  I still am creating more artsy scrapbook pages and you'll likely mostly see those in this space, but starting in August, I began Project Life.  I'm trying for a very relaxed approach and spending an hour or two weekly, but mostly looking at it a s a month, not a week so some weeks bleed over across a spread into following pages, etc... Some weeks, I've "finished" with photos, journaling, and embellishments, others are just part of the way there.  It is always a work in progress and I'm fine with that. Here are the first looks at how my "project" is going. 

This spread is about the week of M's 4th birthday.  A few bits from other activities, but mostly parties.  Most of the "card" slots this week were from the SC August Project Life kit. 

The next week was the end of summer and beginning of school (there is an insert with our trip to Tulsa, but it isn't in these pictures).  The left page is time at Grandma's farm and meet the teacher and the first day of school.  The Left is B's first day of school --- and missing journaling. 

Here the left page and the insert in the middle are about M & E's first days of school. 

The back of the insert is about M' getting her new bike, visiting B at school, my "run" with M, and Brent & my date night.

So that's about all the progress so far, but I like having them "in the book." Are you interested in trying it? Let me know and we can be PL buddies.

Also, I'm trying out the 30 Days of Lists project beginning to day. I think you can still join if you're interested. 

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins.
 It can be anything you want it to be.
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