Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. B made a happy return to his new favored activity of bowling while attending Nate's 7th birthday party.  It was great fun with plenty of time for food and bowling too. 

2.  Earlier that day, M joined me for the first couple blocks of my run.  She is doing quite well with her bicycle, but still a bit hesitant in spots. 

3.  Sunday morning, featured family brunch with my mom, Able, and Kari.  This is becoming a tradition to gather at least a couple of weekends a month for brunch together.  It is fun and a great way to catch up and spend time together before the Store opens.  Able and Kari handled most of the cooking this time and afterwards we all walked (or rode bikes or in a wagon) to the pond for a little bit of fishing and exploring.  Normal little family moments like this are why we moved back to OK.  Loved it.  I hope the Korenaks come back too so they can join in our weekend family time. 

4.  Sunday afternoon M and I had a little mommy/daughter date.  We each bought an animal at Build-A-Bear --- she got a "rock star" black teddy bear with colorful stars that she has named Candalee.  I got Rainbow Dash, because she's awesome :)  We also had Gelatto and stopped by the Spice Store to replenish our stash. 

5.  Saturday evening was date night.  Grandma B watched the kids while Brent and I went to a cocktails and snacks Yelp event at the Spice Shop.  We had a lovely time eating, people watching, and chatting with Kari and our friend Stacey.  Afterwards, we had dinner at Guernsey Park, which was awesome.  It is such a lovely restaurant and visually reminds me of restaurants back east.   The food was delicious too!

6. So those were the high points (aside from the big news about school starting and M's new bike, which got their own posts).  Aside from these, basically everyone got sick but Brent. It has been ongoing, gross, and no fun at all.  I'm hoping we all improve quickly and that seems to be the case so far.

7.  I'm trying to add more strength training type things back into my exercise regime. Of course the first day was just before I got sick so I was oh so doubly sore.  Here's hoping both food and exercise choices are rebooted after this illness.

8.  OU Football begins on Saturday.  I feel fairly disconnected from it and won't be seeing the game as it is on pay per view, but I hear Brent will be going with his Dad, which should be fun!

9. During the not napping times of my sick day I actually read most of a book.  It has been awhile since I've really felt like reading, but I think it may be the beginning of a bit more back to books.  

10.  This weekend is the Wiggle Out Loud Family Music Festival in OKC.  It sounds like a great event and I'm hoping we can catch part of it before we go to the Richards Family Labor Day fun.  It may be too ambitious for us to do both so I wanted to share here in case some of you might be interested.  Have a lovely week and hopefully we'll all be well and happy by next week!
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