Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ten on Wednesday (?)

A day late and largely similar to my instagram feed, but here you are:

1. After Wiggle Out Loud, we headed to Grammie's for Labor Day family festivities.  E fancies himself quite the gardener and helped out by adding rocks to the potted plants.  (Shortly thereafter, we think his sister broke a glass table top---probably with help from a cousin or two...)

2. Sadly, John and Matthew were hunting with the Jones family and couldn't join us, but our kids made do pretending to hunt and camp with the Carr kids.  They are mostly old enough now to play in the back without too much supervision, but every once in awhile we discover that they aren't quite clear on the not doing things that will end in you breaking bones part as Roman and Ethan went swinging on vines over the back edge of the property... Good news is that no one was hurt!

3.  The next day after a very busy Saturday and Sunday, we planned to do nothing.  That doesn't really work with three kids so we made a stop at the Science Museum for a couple hours on our way to buy milk... This exhibit is called mind games. (We are pros?)

4. Remember these cool circle/shape drawing toys from our childhood? my grand parents had a set and I bought a smaller version for the kids in Philly this summer, but the science museum has an awesome set. I "think" Brent might have liked it more than the kids.  While he played at drawing, E did hill repeats by climbing up and down the ramp nearby over and over and over... you get my drift, simple fun. 

5.  Sure, regular cube shaped blocks are cool, but the science museum kicks that up a notch -- clearly 1 year old appropriate, right?

6.  Water play!  We had to occasionally split up this trip to help our kids experience their favorite/developmentally appropriate areas without losing the other ones.  The littles and I ended in the child's area while Brent and B took on some more advanced topics, but in the end all the boys were in to the water play table.  It is awesome that E is tall enough now, although that apron does go completely to the floor on him :)

7.  B was actually off school on Tuesday as well for a professional day.  Oddly, we were outside in the driveway only 5 minutes later than on a bus riding day.  All three kids had fun playing with chalk.  The big kids drew their imaginary homes, complete with secret rooms.  E mostly carried the chalk around and, to my great delight, didn't eat much of it or wander into the street.  He can be taught!

8.  As is typical of the beginning of a new child care year, E has followed up last week's tummy troubles with a small cold.  It has been a week already and still a bit drippy and sad.  He is also teething with several molars coming in at once and extra snuggly.  All the women at MDO love him as he loves to snuggle them and they miss their own babies.  While he was smiling for the camera, M was crying in the background about having to go to school.  Yes, it is the second day of the third week of school and she hasn't gone to school a full week yet... and is crying.  OK.

9.  We haven't seen my mom in awhile, but tomorrow she is coming to watch the kids for awhile so I can listen in to a work call.  I think everyone is very excited to see her and welcome her back from her journeys last week.  We are so used to seeing her weekly now that we live here and with the Spice Shop hours that even one week is a long time... Yes, we are so very spoiled!

10. Does anyone want to buy some Eileene's cookie dough? The kids' school is doing a fundraiser and these are the delicious cookies, not the gross shelf stable kind B was selling last year.  Anyway, they are $13.50 for 3lbs of dough available in M&M, Chocolate chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Monster Oatmeal and Peanut Butter.  Normally, we'd be solidly team Peanut Butter, but as E "might" be allergic we're trying to pick some new flavors this time.

I hope all is well and am looking forward to "maybe" a calmer week next week.  Just in time for Week in the Life!
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Sounds like the Richards clan has been wonderfully/ridiculously busy while I have been away. I am also missing you guys so we should have fun while I am there, but I must also admit that I am tired and really needed several days to recoup from the week long trip....that did not happen. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. That is just a little too pat and not at all true for me but I may be a little cynical.


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