Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ten on Wednesday

1.  It has been eight days since I last blogged and my mother has asked me, as usual, if I plan to ever blog again... ummmmm, yes? For those not aware it is busy season for me which means I often work at night and therefore tend to not blog (or sleep, exercise or craft) as much.  I am however eating lots of junk.  See not a good balance.

2.  E is a ninja.  He is very quiet and can probably climb the ladder to B's bunk bed much faster than his 4 yo sister.  Be advised and do not leave him alone as he is definitely a danger to himself.

3. E is also completely revolting against eating while seated in a chair/high chair.  Brent and I are not sympathetic to people that try to stand on their high chair tray to eat dinner and he is being retrained (and restrained for that matter).  This does not always make for pleasant dinners, but we're delightfully stubborn.

4.  Brent is going out of town to a conference over night this weekend. I go out of town roughly 15-18 nights per year.  Brent is usually gone roughly 5.  I am, nonetheless, pretty sad, stressed, and pathetic about it.

5. While he is gone, I am hosting book club at our house, taking the kids to Pumpkinville at the Myriad Gardens, probably watching the OU game, maybe a Friday afternoon adventure, and possibly buying B a Halloween costume.  Too ambitious?

6. The moment Brent returns (probably literally), I am running out the door to see the OKC Ballet's production of Mogwli with Tracie.  You should come! It looks like it will be quite beautiful and it is, I think, only the second place this ballet has been performed.

8.  I am leaving for DC early, early on Tuesday morning.  I am thinking of leaving a google calendar printout for my Mom, Brent, and Able who will be holding down the fort this time as I seem to have lost the scrap of paper from September with the OCD listing of "lunch foods" for the kids.  Of course, while I'm gone there will be lots of random happenings like the school fun fest (which I also missed last year and probably will miss every year), pictures at MDO, and the fundraiser forms due date (are you interested in random treats, fun kitchen things, and/or wrapping paper? Let me know and I'll send you the link to support our dear dolphins).

9.  Another "working-part time problem" is the occasional moment of insanity when I think I can do things that stay at home moms do.  Things like going to PTO meetings (remember how poorly that went?) This week, I did manage to hand off my home baked dessert and soda in a timely manner for the teacher appreciation thing, but only after remembering two hours prior and making the easiest thing possible.  I might be crazy. Working part time does that as you don't fit terribly well in either world.

10.  My foot issues persist, but I finally have better drugs, more stretches, and an appointment with a podiatrist.  I have agreed to not run in the interim though, which is making me sad (which of course sadly means more carbs... it is a horrible circle).  Anyway, I need to go shoe shopping one more time before this trip, but am fairly perplexed as to when that might happen.... Going with three kids seems less than ideal.

Oh? Did I mention it is fall break for all three kids? The slight edge above is probably partially the work/life balance teetering, but also the chaos of having to rework everyone's schedules to accommodate the break.  How do families with two full time working parents deal with this? I guess they send the kids all day to their normal after care? Take three days off? I'm not sure.  And do we really need a break already? It has been only seven or eight weeks, right? Anyway, we cobble it together with a little help from each other, somewhat flexible work schedules, and my mom stopping by to randomly rescue us ---- oh and zoo camp.  Tomorrow the bigs are going to zoo camp for most of the day, which I'm hoping is awesome. They would rather stay home and watch movies/ play video games while I work, but I think a small break from that would be good. Grandma, it turns out, will be around to watch E to our surprise and delight.  She will then jet immediately off for one last STL voyage before the Korenaks join us in OK late in the month.  SO very much crazy fun all around these days!

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