Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

We're going to call this "Ten on Tuesday" as it happens to be Tuesday, but no promises about their being 10 or this being in any coherent order.  Deal?

1.  This picture is of E at the Savory Spice Shop OKC 1 year anniversary party.  I have no idea why, but I irrationally love it even though he looks more little boy here than usual. 

2.  Ro! Audra and the boys came to visit and we got to know Ro a bit more.  He continues to be awesome and has totally crazy hair. 

3.  My kids are very at home in the spice shop.  I'm not sure where else I would let E just play with balloons on the floor.  The other customers probably think we're weird (we are) but he had a great time. 

4.  Isn't this a cool shot of the DC airport.  In the very far back there is a huge American flag.  It looks much bigger in person.  At 11ish in the evening when I arrived in DC there were very few people around which made for a quieter, perhaps more beautiful scene. 

5. I took a picture of my closet in the hotel.  This is my "DC" wardrobe as I sometimes go weeks here without wearing black and in DC I wear it EVERY day.  It is bizarre and strangely reflective of the two "sides" to my live/days. 

6.  As mentioned, I think, last week, I ran by the memorials.  My Grandpa Dotter is very much on my mind just now so I wanted to share one of the WWII Memorial images from my run.  

7.  Here is our spice man in action during the pie baking contest.  The fedora really makes the look, right?

8.  Here are Grammie and Ro.  (Technically, he isn't her grandson, but I suspect she'd willingly adopt him when he moves here and is a bit distant from his other Grammie).  They got along smashingly. 

9.  Here is Zaney sampling the awesome free sliders at the shop and full of smiles and energy as usual. 

10.  Uncle Able is the preferred pitcher for back yard baseball and I have to say, B & Z are improving tremendously. 

11.  E is just getting big enough to enjoy play grounds.  He mostly wandered around exploring during our visit to Stars & Stripes park, but did enjoy a bit of sliding (resulting in wet pants, but lots of smiles). 

12.  M enjoyed the "beach" at Lake Hefner and is now constantly claiming new and different injuries that ostensibly stem from a crab biting her... I do not believe there are any wild crabs in OK. 

13.  The boys rather enjoyed rock climbing and feeding the ducks and geese.  Zane is crazy brave with the geese.  

I have a lot of other stories and pictures, including our first pumpkin outing of the season, but 13 seems enough for today.

I do have to mention that Monday morning both boys were sick an that, m'dear, is no way to start a week. Grandma bravely forged through most of it on her own before we even knew about it.  Totally unnecessary, but huge kudos to Grandma for being awesome all week long even when she was so tired. We love you and miss you already!
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