Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 9: Snow Day Fun

School was closed yesterday (and today) so we've had lots of at-home fun.   I took the day off of work to take care of the kids so I got to play too.  I made three pages to try and capture the busy day.  It begins with the two page spread above.  The left page is about decorating gingerbread houses with Grandma.  The right page is about the other fun we had that morning, including filling bird feeders, playing a very long game of Candy Land, doing craft projects, playing more games, etc...I added a glittery ampersand (made by embossing this diamond embellishment from the Dec. SC kit with red glitter zing) as the story continues on another page. 

The back page is about Brent and my date night to the Myriad Garden's Glow and Wreath Auction.  It was a beautiful event, but hard to photograph as it was at night and the gardens were lit almost exclusively by Christmas lights.  I had a fun time bidding on wreaths, but did get nervous when I was winning four auctions at one point.  We ended up winning one small knit wreath made by the Myriad's yarn bomber and a tickets package for the OKC Barons.  The later definitely made our kids happy when we arrived home to relieve our awesome babysitter (Uncle Zach).  It was a fun, busy day. 
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