Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have so many pictures, it is very hard to narrow down my daily DD posts and some days I don't.  Today this one almost made the cut (it may yet) as the kids are adorable.  M & E have been doing so well playing together.  I love it.   Here they each drug their blanket and pillow pet into the train tent and were playing various things including going night night in the train. 

2.  The Myriad Gardens is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Typically it closes at 5pm, but on Sunday as it is open for free from 6-9pm and all the pretty lights are on.  Check it out.  Or just see the beautiful flakes shining through as you drive past in the evening. 

3.  While the bigs were playing some game with Grandma Lil' E got ahold of this bowl of marshmallows--- I think he's a fan. 

4.  These two are doing pretty well playing together too.  They also really prefer to not take off their PJs and have spent almost all of the last 5.5 days in PJs.  Tomorrow, they really are going back to school and will probably have to be pried out of their PJs by 8am.  

5.  Remember that Spice Store my family owns? Sometimes even I run out of spices. I was forced to resort to grinding cinnamon chips in my spice grinder to have enough cinnamon for the gingerbread cookies.  I'm hoping you don't have to resort to such means, but if so, they do cell cinnamon chips and spice grinders that are good to have on hand.  (But seriously, buy a bunch of cinnamon before you end up like me).

6.  Lady M enjoyed the snow the very most, I believe.  She played in it every day and in a wide variety of outfits.  Today, she did locate an appropriately sized custom knit hat from her Godmother as this one from when she was 2 was not really staying on.  Still pretty though!

9.  This is B and I attempting to assemble one of the little Gingerbread house kits we bought to decorate with Grandma.  I am good at a variety of things, but spacial relationships is not one of my  strong suits, which is why I am perhaps overly focused for what should be a fairly simple task.  I like the picture though :)  

10.  Go to the OKC Savory Spice Shop at 4400 N. Western Ave., OKC, OK or call them at 405-525-9119 or email them at okc@savoryspiceshop.com.  Buy this book and give it to some lucky cook on your list.  They will also gladly ship this or anything else for you so you don't have to go out in icy conditions.  

11.  This guy likes spices and saying "cheese" to any camera he sees. 

12.  These folks are hard to photograph, but happily sent Granddaddy's ship back home with him after a bit of rebuilding work. 

I'll be back again tomorrow with more December Daily!  (Day 9 - with Gingerbread house decorating is here if you missed it)
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