Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec Daily 15: The Ballet!

Day 15 was hard for me to work my way up to as it is so hard to choose photos so again I used a lot. I used blue and pink bits from the SC and Freckled Fawn kits across the pages to keep them a unified package.  The story is all about Lady M, Grandma, Tracie, and I attending the OKC Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. 

See that journaling card at the bottom left? It is in a page protector cut in half.  I cut appart more of the blue words from the SC kit and pasted them in the journaling where appropriate.  They are sprinkled throughout the pages of the spread as well. 

Here we are closer up with the journaling over the last page. M loved the show and did really well this year.  However, I was feeding her little bits of chocolate throughout so at the end she was FULL of energy and danced inside and out. 

She also enjoyed the milk and cookies in the lobby.  She wanted to see all the stars of the show, but would not talk to them or take pictures with them as she was just too shy. (This is the back side of the journaling card insert)

Here is the spread with the insert flipped over. 

The Right page is M smiling under the staircase and dancing her way to the car.  The Spice Shop had an ad in the Program right under the description of Act II.  We saw it during intermission.  It includes pictures of Grandma and Uncle Able.  Very exciting.

(The arrow, blue bling, and "joy" badge are also from the Freckled Fawn December kit). 

And that friends, was Day 15.  Sadly,  no pictures with Tracie as M was refusing pictures after the show and Tracie didn't join us until the last minute before.  

Either way it was a very fun, festive day, and the ballet was beautiful! 
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

So glad I went with this year. Great fun. Would you send me the picture of the three of us please...just attached to an email or something? Thanks. Mom


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