Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 16: Prepare

Remember the old church hymn "Prepare the way for the Lord"? I don't know if we were doing quite that kind of preparations, but the refrain was in my head all day as we worked on our own variety of Christmas preparations. We ran all over doing errands -- things like picking up food for class parties, finished gathering up pieces for our teacher's gifts, and generally getting our week of celebrations in order.  Lady M, continued her elf coloring spree in down moments.  So far we've printed 15 pages of elves.  Thanks to Chrissie for the link.  

Also, big Congratulations to some of our dearest friends, the Wainrights who welcomed baby Maia Marie today!  We are completely thrilled for them and excited to welcome them to the "parents of 3" club (We should thinks of a better name...hmmm).  In any case, we can't wait to meet their new Lady M!
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