Saturday, February 1, 2014

Around Here: Part 1

So here's the thing, when I do project life, I seem to blog less.  At the moment, I haven't done the last two weeks of project life so in sorting photos, I thought I'd share some here too (No, not all of these will likely go in the book).  Above is Lil'E rockin his hat.  He is too cute. 

We spend a lot of time at kid birthday parties of late.  We were literally, quite late to this one unintentionally and then it too Lady M a long time to warm up, but eventually Cinderella got her hug. 

This week we had a fairy princess party as well so the beautiful dress and golden locks were back out.  She was beautiful and had a great time. Above she is making a fairy garden with things she found during the gnome treasure hunt.  There was also dancing, a pinata, carriage rides (which of course she would not do), and lots of time with friends in wings. I actually have quite a few thoughts about these pictures, but most of them are "oh my goodness isn't she beautiful."

Other funtivities include trips to the park (While big brother was at a different party)
Homework - almost daily, often in GWAA hat.

A Trip to the Natural History Museum

 And to see the ballet Don Quiote will my siblings and friends at at totally lovely, but also kind of odd theater.

Costumes --- lots and lots of costumes--- Captain America was a gift from Grandma in anticipation of yet another kid birthday party, namely super hero bowling. 

GW Alumni parties with fellow colonial kids

 Special afternoon adventures for Pie

Ordinary lunches

And B's birthday presents being opened +

 Loving things he has already.
New games 

 A man and a smile I've loved for more than 15 years.

So many adorable outfits.  This one was designed for Valentine's Day and is all from gifts (Shirt - Audra, Tights - Grandma; Skirt - Hoppers)

There are a lot of sword fights.... sometimes with toothbrushes.

 That seems like enough for the moment, but trust me there is more--- more birthdays, more costumes, more laughing, more silly fun, more to come...

 Ps.  Happy Birthday to Brent, I love you yesterday, today, and always.

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