Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ten on ummm Wednesday?

1. Miss me? I think this is the longest I've ever gone without a Ten on Tuesday.  Not surprisingly it spins around Board week.  When I am writing more for my job, I write less here.  So it goes.

2. My trip went noticeably less well than usual.  I was very cranky when I finally returned a day late and reminded that the quickest way to restore my mental balance lies with Brent.  It is kind of like having a ground wire to discharge that excess energy into the ground.  I can drain off all that stress/craziness given a little time with him....Technically, I can do this with running or scrapbooking, but much faster and effective to chill with my love.

3.  I started running again yesterday! I am SO happy.  First run was literally back to week 1 day 1 of C25K on the advice of my running mentor Heather.  I took it easy and was very conscious of my body, prepared to stop at the first hint of pain, but no pain!!  Beautiful setting at the new Y as well.  The treadmills and other machines face right out over this beautiful new olympic pool.  Everything is clean, new, and lovely.  There is a larger track, a leisure pool, child care is beautiful, clean, well-staffed, etc... I could go on :) But the point is I'm so excited to have persevered and started again.  I was already mentally better even after this tiny run!  (Yes, I stretched and iced like a crazy person, just in case).

4.  I am irrationally sad about Shaun White's loss yesterday.  It makes no sense, but it is true.

5.  We're watching a lot of Olympics here.  So far it is still lots of fun.  Sometimes I already know the results and may have already seen it.  The bonus for evening coverage is that with the Wii U Brent can play Wii and be with me watching the Olympics.  I "might" have also read my book for book club simultaneously as there are ALOT of commercials.

6.  I've been going to a lot of performances of late - Chicago, Don Quixote (ballet), OKC Ballet Triple bill with Carmen, Exurgency, and Rubies.  This week Brent & I are going to Beauty & the Beast (musical theatre).  It is lots of fun and I'm glad we've been going.  Happily there have been different people along to share the fun each time, which makes it even better.

7.  Big thanks, as always, to all of the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Teachers, and Brent for keeping our crew happy and well-cared for while I was gone.  The double snow days at the end make this a bit trickier, but I hear it was a good time all around save for Brent being up all night writing his exam (Yes, we were both sleep-deprived by the time I got home.  Our kids probably got more time doing nothing/playing electronics than usual that day :))

8.  On Sunday, we had family fun day at the OU v. LSU Women's Gymnastics meet.  The Hoppers and Lams joined us for a very fun outing.  Sadly, OU had to count a fall on beam and was not victorious, but it was fun to watch anyway.  E, in particular, got to know Boomer quite well as he wandered the stands.  He also met the cheer leaders and waved to Josh Heupel across the way.

9.  We are busily prepping Valentine's for school and gathering stuff for Valentine's day parties.  It blew my mind a bit that B was able to complete his entire Valentine list with no assistance from me whatsoever.  He just calmly made them all while I was cooking dinner with the other kids and Audra.  Crazy that he's so big!

10.  B has also decided to be a bus rider morning and evening now.  This means he gets home about 15 minutes or so later than when we pick him up.  It also means not loading the kids up to just sit in the car for 15-40 minutes, which is amazing.  I feel like we get a lot more done here at home and are getting more playing time too.  B seems totally ready to chat when he arrives so I don't think I'm missing the de-brief of his day either.  Hooray!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

So glad you let him ease into it being his own decision about the bus. Perfectly done. You guys are good parents to each of your completely different types of children. It's tough isn't it...but the best game in town.


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