Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Entryway painting is complete!  The colors are weird here as I promise the walls on the left are blue.  Trust me that the entryway is a lovely dark grey.  I've ordered a new light fixture that should arrive this week.  This was our only real home improvement progress for the week, but we helped my mom out with some of hers too!

2.  We went to the farm for a bit this weekend.  Lady M got some special reading help from her Great Grandpa.  They were reading the chapter titles, mind you, not the actual text of this big book.  They do quite well together.

3. If you live in metro OKC - consider heading out for the Myriad Gardens Easter Egg Hung on 4/19.  It starts with the 4 and under wave at 10 and the 5-10 year old wave is a bit later.  Early Registration for Members is happening now through April 1: http://oklahomacitybotanicalgardens.com/events/myriad-gardens-annual-easter-egg-hunt/ (If you are not a member yet, why not? It is awesome!)

4.  In other adventures, we are going to the Men's Gymnastics conference championships at OU on Saturday at 4pm (McCasland Fieldhous) if anyone wants to join us let me know.  We'll likely be coming directly from Soccer and/or a Birthday party so it is going to be a crazy day.

5.  I've been keeping some family news secret, but now it is time to share!  Brent's sister is expecting her third son this September.  His name will be Grayson Daniel.  I am SO excited to meet him.  We were all surprised and excited to discover there would be another cousin and are looking forward to meeting him!

6.  Yesterday, I was working and totally lost track of time.  I looked up and it was 13  minutes past the time I was supposed to pick up M&E from school. NOT good. They have aftercare and had been sent there to play, but I felt horrible.  They were, apparently, oblivious and totally fine.

7. I am trying to keep my exercise regime going and add more diversity as my nagging injuries heal.  One you might consider is Julian Michael's Yoga Meltdown.  It is pretty fast past and not particularly traditional, but it is a good workout, I think.

8.  Last week the kid's went to one day of zoo camp during spring break.  The camp was under the sea themed and I think pretty fun.  The less fun part was trying to pick them up in the insane crush of people all trying to visit the zoo during spring break.  I think we may skip spring break camp next year and just do summer ones when it is less crowded.  B also wants a week of science camp this summer.  M is hoping to find a princess (particularly Frozen) dance camp.  Sounds like a plan to me!

9. Brent, Able, and Kari set big posts for my mom's new fence project this weekend.  The kids and I helped occasionally, but my job was mostly to keep small people out of the way and from getting hurt (or hurting each other).  It was a big project and I truly wonder why my dad never had that kind of post hole digger.  It makes all the difference!

10.  Lady M is picking out spring dresses this week.  Most of her old ones are now short enough to be shirts as she is a delightfully long legged child.  She looks completely adorable in Maxi dresses and plays in them as easily as shorts or pants.  We've added a couple to her collection this week and I'm not sure which of us is more excited.  (Side note -- we did some of this shopping on Sunday when both of us NEEDED to get out of the house and the boys were completely content to stay in the house.  I foresee a lot more random excursions like that.  We also took Able & Kari the coloring sheet she had made for them to spread the love).

It feels like not too much to report, but I promise it was a crazy busy, fun week. I feel like we got a lot done, but it is kind of nice to be back in the rhythm of school and work again!

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