Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

A few of my favorite bits of randomness this week.

1.  The Bloggess--- Yes, again.  I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea and I could do with less taxidermy posting myself, but no one makes me laugh like she does.  It is hard to explain, but I just find so much of what she writes laugh out loud, tears in my eyes, hysterical.  It isn't rational and doesn't need to be.  Recently, she's been posting about random searches that lead to her site.  One very tired, moody day this week, this was just perfectly hilarious. 

2.  Did you ever watch Scrubs? It was on TV for 9 seasons on a variety of channels.  We watched it off and on.  It was nothing like my West Wing or Alias obsession, but definitely moments of brilliance.  This week I found this video and loved it. 

3.  Also, I like stories of people finding their place, and realizing the magnitude and amazement of that.  I feel that way about my job, but haven't found the words to explain it.  I think Zach Braff does a good job here in the NY Times. An Invisible Boy Keeps His Promise  (Yes, I'm a fan of his work, sometimes odd, but often though provoking).
4.  Sidewalk Chalk Paint -- To make sidewalk chalk paint, mix equal parts cornstarch and water, add drops of food coloring as desired.  Then, have lots of fun!  All of our kids love it.  It is possible E painted B more than he painted the driveway, but that was OK.  E ended up with adorable (very washable) paint splotches all over his tiny jeans and E ended up with slightly less adorable dots all over his back.  They all had a fabulous time!

5.Frozen -- surely you have the DVD at home by now, but if not, you should go get it, and buy the sound track too.  It is awesome for everyone and has been the favorite movie, possibly ever for my kids.  As you can see in this very blurry view, all five kids (including my sister's sons), Grandma, and I enjoyed it this week and for many of these people this was their third time seeing it!

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