Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  Aurorea Synergy Yoga Mat:  I have been looking for a new yoga mat for quite awhile, but every time felt I lacked any real knowledge basis from which to pick one. When I spent some time with my long-time best friend Tracie this weekend she recommended this one.  I ordered it and tested it last night.  It is SO much better.  Who knew that investing in the proper equipment would be better than a cheap 10 year old mat from Target :)  It comes with the added bonus of not having to be embarrassed to carry my yoga mat out of the house.  So far my attempt to find a class at the Y or comotion that fits my schedule is going poorly though so it may remain at home with me.

2. I love maps and love Paris so I was very happy to see this map on minted this week.  (Art like this is 15% off through the 7th as part of a birthday sale.  I want to add a bit more art to our walls at some point, not just photographs, but haven't settled on which one(s) I might want.  (Mom, there are cool moon and constellation prints at minted too....just saying).

3. For the first time in forever... seriously we watch that Frozen a a lot and now exclusively in french... anyway, I LOVE these light switch covers and well as the cool outlets and basically everything at Adorne.  Replacing all of our outlets like this isn't in the budget at the moment, but how cool would it be to have night lights in the plate or pop out outlets or any of these cool new ideas? *(Design Mom probably explains this a lot better than I am so read her explanation here or watch the videos).

4. Whole-Grain Cinnamon Swirl Bread via The Smitten Kitchen -- In my current eating plan I'm not eating plain old random sandwich bread.  I'm really only eating bread if it is really good bread.  Like this.  I want to make this very very soon.  And it's whole grain so that is helpful, right?

5. Myriad Gardens Easter Egg Hunt -- You probably know I love all things Myriad Gardens by now, right? Well my most recent excitement is picturing the kids hunting Easter eggs there in a couple weeks.  You may not realize this, but we typically attend church in Bison for Easter, which means Easter Eve Mass --- so it is dark and while there is an Easter Egg hunt it s no good for pictures.  I know there will be school hunts and such too, but I won't be there and this sounds so lovely.  Join us?

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