Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ten on Thursday?

All three kids in one picture !

1. Last week, Brent went to school with the littles for "Doughnuts with Dads Day."  They loved it.  They are doubly blessed because Granddaddy came to day two!

2.  I try to make sure we're outside a lot right now while the weather is nice.  Here they are having frozen play with ice on a warm day. (Just makes sense?)

 also, picnics!
4.  Here I am in my official soccer mom shirt.  (Brent has a Dad version).  B did a great job sticking with it and playing hard this week.  I love the Dragonflies. 

5.  We went to Open Streets OKC this weekend.  It was a street fair and family fun festival.  I think the focus was supposed to be on healthy lifestyles, but we mostly ate from food trucks and had awesome ice cream while strolling with our friends. 

6.  And we cleaned out the storm shelter, because it is spring in Oklahoma.  I will do a separate post soon on our preparations. 

7.  I went with B on his class' field trip to the Oklahoma Museum of Art. It was so beautiful.  His group did really well, but did make me pretty nervous in the exhibits full of incredible glass sculptures!

8.  Here are some quick looks at the home improvement projects I keep talking about.  They seem strangely hard to photograph.  Brent has been awesome with these. I know the end result is more important to me than it is to him, but we're getting there together. 

 9.  Lady M would live in this maxi dress from Old Navy if she could.  She has a white version too and prefers to wear them daily styled with different things underneath and on top.  I love every bit of it!

10.  Lady M and I joined a bunch of our friends in watching the Sooners win the MPSF Conference Championship for Men's Gymnastics.  They did an amazing job and we had a wonderful afternoon together!

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