Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ten on Thursday

Until my computer issues are resolved it is likely these posts will be on Thursday....

1. I am teaching a class on "Cooking with Kids" at Savory Spice Shop OKC on May 25th at 4pm.  M & B will be assisting me.  The class is open to 10 families and costs $20 per family.  You can read more about it here:

2.  I have completed 19 consecutive days of exercising.  I would not say I am no longer sore as some part of me is achy most days, but nothing hurts too badly.  I ran 3.1 miles with Tracie on Monday and my knee is slightly worse for the wear, but mostly fine. 

3.  We are planning for kid Easter attire this week.  What I've learned so far is it is ummm 100x easier to pick out clothes for both boys than for their lovely sister.  The boys were consulted.  B wants to at least sort of match E.  Tops and bow ties were picked out in minutes.  We just need khakis.  Lady M shopped for an hour before finally agreeing to pick something so we could go pick up her brother.  The cardigan is too big, but part bribery as I let her have the too big cardigan if she would pick a dress that fit... 

4.  Lady M is learning to read.  We have worked on this for awhile a little bit here and there, but now they are working on it at MDO too and there seem to be substantial strides in understanding and speed happening!

5.  B learned how to whistle and tie his shoes this week.  The whistling is fairly non-stop now and annoying.  The shoe tying as out of necessity as his gym shoes were in Daddy's car when it was time for school on gym day.  We bought a new pair as not being prepared for school or missing exercise is not good, but this one required tying.  I learned I am not great at trying to explain three dimensional tasks (no shock, I promise I'm better at cooking). 
6.  This weekend we had an impromptu gathering of good friends.  The Wainrights, Korenaks, Kari, and Grammie and Granddaddy all came to the Dragonfly soccer game.  The sideline fun "might" have been more exciting than the game, but no children were lost (um, unlike the game). 

7.  Afterwards, Tracie, the Hoppers, and Palfreypeople joined my crew and the Wainrights for a fun afternoon of play and grilling at our house.  These people have long been our tribe and it had been way too long since we'd done this.  LOVED it.  Some of our crew was missing, partially due to VERY short notice of the event, but next time! (Although this short notice crowd was roughly 20 and about what our house comfortably holds).

8.  Lately we've been seeing a lot more of the Hoppers.  This is, in part, because our weekly meetups during these two ladies' gymnastics lessons give us time to plan.  The girls and their older brothers are totally loving the extra adventures together.  (And so are the grown-ups). 

9.  This guy had a slightly emo week again this week.  After the big party, he got a bit sick (too many cookies???) After that he has been just kind of whiny and his favorite teacher was out most of the week, which led to sad drop offs.  Today, Ms. Ashley was back and things in general seem to be improving.

10. What are you making for Easter dinner this year? Brent's family is having their celebrations this weekend and I plan to make Maple Braised Carrots and this Bee Sting Cake.  Any suggestions for the Blakley festivities next weekend? We plan to celebrate Mass with our Bison buddies and spend most of the weekend at the farm.  We are doing the Myriad Egg Hunt on Saturday morning though :)

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I hope you are thinking about food for the Blakley festivities because I haven't planned a thing. I don't even know when Mass is, as usual. I suppose I should call Amanda....again. I do have eggs though, which is really the biggest part of the party, right?


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