Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Summer Plans and more.

Spring is weird, I spend a lot of time preparing for summer so I'm starting this list with musing about our summer plans--- partially so I have them in one place and also to give you a list of camps/things you all might be interested in too.

1.  Today, I signed the big kids up for 2 sessions of swimming lessons.  Each session is two weeks long (4 days per week).  Right now this all seems like a good idea. I suspect getting us all out the door by 8:20 in swimming gear 16 days this summer may not seem so brilliant later.  These are their first out door lessons and are at Pelican Bay in Edmond.  You can read more here: http://edmondok.com/index.aspx?NID=405

2.  B is going to science camp at the Oklahoma Science Museum for the first time this summer.  They are one week, all day camps for students entering grades 1-6.  You can read more about them here: http://www.sciencemuseumok.org/summer_camps.html

3.  B & M are going to only one week of Zoo Camp this year.  They have gone to many more than this in the past, but as we'll have a babysitter here most of the summer it is less necessary to have camp as childcare (and also a bit less money to spend on camps!) They are going to one of the later camps in the summer entitled "How to Train Your Dragon" --- so that should be helpful, right? http://www.okczooed.com/camps1

4.  M is also going to two days of dance camp.  I showed her the cool list of summer dance camps from Dance Unlimited (Thanks to Janna for the recommendation!).  She chose to attend Frozen (obviously) and Princess Sophia camps. There are several other options as well.  I cannot fathom why she did not choose the Fairytale Tea Party class and am half tempted to register her anyway.... http://www.danceunlimitedpac.com/du-class-schedule-summer-2013/

5. Myriad Garden -- Ladybug release day-- June 12.  Last year, M and I went to the ladybug release event and had a fabulous time.  She even got her picture in the paper!  The sad part was that we could only stay a little while because I had to go to work.  This year, it is on E's birthday AND I took the day off work so we can all enjoy to our hearts' content! http://oklahomacitybotanicalgardens.com/events/bug-out-lady-bug-release-and-insect-adventure/

6.  The Myriad Gardens is also doing a Secret Garden set up in the Children's Garden in May and some accompanying events like an English Tea (which M and I are attending with my mom and maybe others??).  The Secret Garden event is free to members and I am VERY excited.  Want to join us? http://oklahomacitybotanicalgardens.com/events/the-secret-garden-2014-05-17/

7. We are also, of course, doing Farm Camp at the farm in May.  I have even taken off work so E and I can participate for the first time together.  It should be awesome? If you have a little one that would like to join in a bit of Farm Camp let us know.  The current dates are May 28-30th!

8. Other ideas - B also wants to go to soccer camp and art camp.  So far, I haven't found ones that match our schedules without being overwhelming, but we shall see.  I would LOVE to get him in art camp and develop that interest a bit more.  M is too young for some art camps, but would love to go too.  B thinks he wants to play baseball.... I am stalling.

9.  At Home: We plan to relax at home, watch movies, play video games, make crafts and art, exercise, go to the farm, zoo, science museum, myriad gardens, and swimming as much as makes sense.  We want to work on riding bikes and doing a bit of home school as the kids and I both bizarrely love it.  Brent has IRSP for June so it will be imperative to work on preserving my sanity during this time, but the babysitter should help.

10.  Of course we are also teaching a class at Savory Spice Shop on May 25th at 4pm on cooking with kids.  Want to come? Call the shop at 405-525-9119 to reserve your spot.  Beyond that, I want to cook more with the kids, work on being patient, and teach them more about the joy that is being creative and enjoying healthy food as a family!

What does your summer look like? What should we add?

I feel like I need to do a quick few points about the last week as well so I don't forget:

1) We had Easter with the Rouses. It was fun, easy, and relaxing.  The kids loved playing together in the huge back yard.

2). B had two soccer games (Friday & Saturday).  The Dragonflies played well and seem to be improving, but were still outmatched.

3) E is talking in more complete sentences.  His favorite is: "Look at this." Which he says as he examines something and tries to figure out how it works.

4) Lady M is making big progress on reading, thanks to work at MDO these days.  We're hoping to work on it more over the summer.

5) I made this Bee Sting Cake by Smitten Kitchen--- there were quite a few steps, but it was delicious so I hope to make it again this week.  http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2013/04/bee-sting-cake/

6) Everyone in our family loves "tuna cookies." These are really tuna patties---I think E thinks they are actually cookies.  Our recipe is: 1 large can of tuna (or three regular size ones), 3 eggs, 1 c. oatmeal, 3/4 tsp medium yellow curry powder, 1/2 tsp. toasted white onion powder, 1/2 tsp granulated garlic, 1 T. lemon juice, 1/2 tsp kosher salt.  Mix, form into small patties, and cook in hot oil.  Flip after a couple minutes and cook on the other side.  Simple, and strangely popular.

7. Brent is busy getting ready for the end of the year and the summer research program.  It is his busiest and highest stress portion of the year.  Meanwhile, I leave for DC in less than a month.  Just to make this all more complicated.

8. I am less and less sure that we're going to get a tree planted this year.  I am thinking of a prairie fire crabapple, but questioning if we really have the money to spend on this (see large amounts of camp/lessons expenses above.....)

9.  It snowed yesterday! And was 84 degrees the day before, with tornado warnings, and earthquakes.  It is a wild windy place here.

10. M & E are strangely in to playing with Mr. Potato Heads these days.  Fun, but random.  I'm going with it. 

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