Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I made it safely and easily back from DC.  For once I wasn't completely exhausted and was much less frustrated than after my February trip.  Hooray! 
M driving the Hello Kitty Race Car @Touch a Truck

Zane doing the same

B & Brent examining Air National Guard vehicles -- note the ever present baseball caps

E blowing the horn on the garbage truck.
 2. Saturday morning we jumped right back in to family fun with Touch a Truck.  The Korenak men-folk joined us and we had a great time.  There weren't a huge number of trucks, but just about the right amount to wander through before going crazy.  Also, it raised $10,000 for the HOPE Center of Edmond: http://edmondok.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=261 
Zach & Zane getting Italian ices

 3.  Then we made our first farmer's market trip of the year.  As always, we began with snow cones.  Brent watched the kids make icy messes while I bought vegetables. I hadn't planned to come so just had the cash left over from my trip, but headed home with: eggs, hamburger, bread, asparagus, yellow squash, and sweet potatoes.

4. So, then, M, Mom and I went to the Myriad Gardens Tea Party.  It was delicious and great fun. I am glad we went and love the three - generational picture.  (You can read more about our adventure here: Tea for Three

 5.  Then, we wandered over to the Secret Garden again, which I continue to love, as do my mom and M.  We spent quite awhile just wandering, reading, playing and checking out the gardens.  I loved it so much!
 6.  This guy is loving his ukulele. He plays for awhile everyday and is letting his little brother strum a little too.  They are adorable together.  B has three more days of 1st grade and is basically doing nothing at school and ready to come home.
 7.  These two are still having fabulous fun playing outside together on cool mornings.  They have ONE more day of school and then they will be ready for summer fun.  E, in particular, seems tremendously different than when the year started and is hillarious.
 8. Lady M has been in the Spring Program at MDO for the last two days.  She has been a great little singer and leader.  On the first day, Aunt Audra, Zane, Rowan and Grandma joined us and today Grammie, Granddaddy, and Daddy came with me.  Zane gave M those lovely flowers after the first show and she was thrilled (they are so beautiful!)  The first day was a little sad as she was the last one chosen in the dancing pairs portion, but today she got to go first and danced with her lovely friend Kyle so we were all happy.  She also got to carry in the class banner today, which made her quite happy as well.

9.  Today, I've spent an inordinate amount of time planning both M & E's birthday parties. I suddenly needed invitations for M's unplanned party in August to give to her friends from school who she was seeing for the last time for the summer.  I then invited Elsa to come and am sure it will be lovely.  After that, I realized that E's party was only a few weeks away and maybe we should invite people to that too as August is quite a bit further away.  In short, it was a strangely birthday day for us in May. (Audra's B-day is on Thursday- so happy early birthday Aunt Audra!)
10.  This is E doing the hot diggity dog dance from the end of the Micky Mouse Club.  He loves it and is completely adorable doing it.  The dance is a recent edition and there will definitely be some Mickey dancing at his birthday party as well as pretty much every day!

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