Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: DC Edition

1.  I made it to DC-- although with some flight troubles as usual.  I should probably just add those two extra hours in to my thought process every time.

2. I made these blondies by smitten kitchen and added cranberries and chocolate chips.  They disappeared from my office in record time! http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2006/11/blondies-for-a-blondie/

3. I had dinner with my cousin Rachael and her husband Dan this morning. It was lovely.  They are expecting a baby boy in the fall and there is much to discuss and anticipate!  I gifted them with a baby hippo stuffie, random, but appropriate for my time in DC.

4.  At home, Brent participated in science day with the 1st graders on Monday.  The presentation included several explosions, quite a bit of mess, and a bit of people crashing in to each other by the end (they were being states of mater of water molecules and you know how excited the molecules get when water evaporates...)

5. M & E had Mother's Day Tea at their school yesterday and today. I went yesterday and had a lovely time.  E went to both rooms with me for extra doughnuts and both made me lovely handprint art. I love handprint art as I rarely remember to do handprints and like having the size of their hands right now captured.  I hear Grammie and Granddaddy had a similarly lovely time today.

6. Things are blooming in our garden!  We have some yellow daisy like flowers in the vegetable garden and probably more than 100 rose blooms at any given time in shades of pink, yellow, orange and white.  LOVE it.  There are also a few assorted other flowers that are joining the party.

7.  We had family pictures on Saturday with Heather.  This time we did less posing and more playing -including a picnic breakfast, playing in the garden pond and exploring the Secret Garden exhibit in the children's garden.  I loved it.  You should head over there this week to see the Secret Garden as by next week it will be gone!

8.  Big thanks and cheers for the 1/2 dozen or so people that will help us through this week in my absence we so appreciate your assistance!

9. We had another work day at the farm.  Very hot and windy.  My knee injury (oh, I haven't mentioned that, I am injured again...) put me on watching little boys duty, but everyone else made big progress and got very hot and dirty. I didn't see my mom on actual mother's day so her presents are still at my house.  That said, I am so very thankful every day for her in my life and for being close enough to spend so much time together.

10. Today was the 52nd consecutive day of exercise.  The days since last Thursday's knee injury appeared have been harder and more frustrating--- lots of yoga and pilates while avoiding problematic poses and adding in new knee exercises.  That said, glad I'm still doing it.  Now, if I would just make better food choices!

With that I'm off to sleep.  Have a wonderful week!

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