Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  Our Days are Built with Stories - Ali Edwards = Inspiration - I believe in stories and the importance of recording your own story.  It doesn't have to be scrapbooking or a blog.  It can be any piece of paper, a journal, a painting, a song, recorded audio, video, etc... I want to remember and be remembered.  I think my father dying early pushed this perspective for me more than ever. I want his stories. I want my kids to remember him and know them.  I want them to know mine and remember me.  I want them to have the stories of when they were little that they can't remember themselves.  Check out her inspiration for looking for the stories to record or tell and think about recording a small story of yours today.

2.  Pallet gardens or frame gardens -- I find my self very interested in gardening "on the fence" or vertically next year. This article has some good possibilities.

3.9 by Novogratz Bedding -- Hard to believe, but I saw some bedding via walmart that I like and kind of think M would love too.  I like all the colors and how well Novogratz has combined the overall design.

4.  Savory Spice Shop's Spice to Plate - 30 recipes made up of 3 recipes each for 10 of their blends. There are also some bonus recipes for side dishes near the end, some spice education, etc...  Purchases include a jar of one of the blends featured in the book.  You can also get a gift set with 1/2 or all of the 10 featured blends.  This all starts on Nov. 1.  I've read through the book and am excited to see that some of my favorite blends are in there as well as some new ones I haven't tried yet.  The recipes seem relatively easy and full of flavor.  Get excited and head to the OKC Savory Spice Shop to get yours today. I think these would make awesome holiday gifts.  (I did get a free promo copy to review, but all views are always my own).

5. Lentil-Ricotta meatballs - I have pinned probably dozens of meatball recipes, but this one is the next one we'll try.  I'll be interested to see how they hold together and am excited to make ricotta with B again.  I like to try new spins on old favorites and find Jennie's recipes to be reliable and tasty. 

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