Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  So there were no flowergirls or bridesmaids at Able & Kari's wedding, but M REALLY wanted to be a flower girl.  She and Grandma arranged for her to sprinkle some beautiful blossoms in the church before the ceremony.  She repeated that for us later on the front walk.
 2.  First attempt at Halloween costumes.  I'll be fascinated to see if these actually make it to the big day.  E's may just fall apart as it is of questionable quality.  M changes her mind constantly, but as the actual costume was free from Aunt Audra, we'll be OK.
 3.  On Thursday, I picked up Zane and Ro from childcare and took them to B's little league game.  In case you were wondering, five kids is a lot more than three.  Brent met us immediately, which helped.  However, with my kids I pretty much let them run, Brent, Bill, Marilyn, (insert whomever else is there), and I sort of track them and watch them run by.  With Zane and Ro that system didn't work.  Ro was too little and Zane gets hurt a lot (slash all four kids get in to arguments or hurt).  Anyway, it all worked out, but was quite an exciting adventure. Glad we could help with the Korenaks day though as they so often help with ours.
 4.  Grammie and Granddaddy came to Grandparents' Day at MDO.  M gave her annual tour and loved it.  E had a hard time letting them go at the end. (This is pretty much my exact description of Grandparents' Day last year....)
 5.  Other current trends - E refuses to not have on his costume at every moment possible.  Also, E and Ro suddenly are chums and get along/hang out much more than they hit each other.  We're all considering it that a big win!

6.  On Sunday, we went to the first of this year's OKC Philharmonic "Discovery Series" of concerts for kids.   I think they did an awesome job.  There was plenty of familiar music, characters making appearances, singing, dancing, and 45 minutes total.  M is VERY excited about wearing her Elsa costume to the Knights and Princesses themed concert in February.  We saw lots of our favorite cool kids too including Ashtyn, Kyle, Alescia, Faith, Vincent, Patrick, Daniel, etc...
 7.  On Sunday, after Church, Sunday School, Concert, and some playing at Grammie & Granddaddy's (they watched E during the concert), pretty much everyone wanted to rest/nap.  M, however, did not.  She wanted to plant fall garden.  Of course I joined her.  She is so like her Great-Grandma Dotter sometimes.
 8.  It is still hot here.  Yesterday the kids ran in the sprinklers.  I was sick and sweating.  I'm ready for fall.

9.  The Blue Falcons played again last night. B did great fielding.  He played Left field and Center Left.  He also hit a single, but was sadly tagged out trying to steal third base.  Grandma, Granddaddy, Able & Kari joined us for the fun.  Kari gets a special shout-out for spending part of her birthday cheering on B!  Thanks Kari, and happy birthday!

10.  So I was sick.  When that happens things like laundry, buying food, and cleaning fall off the routine.  I'm trying to pull it back together, but also trying to get ready for my upcoming DC trip, and trying to finish getting well.  Thanks to Grandma for taking care of M for half the day today.  M loved the attention and I felt much better about all of it.

Have a great week!

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