Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

1.  Hello from DC!  Yesterday was my big commute here, a bit of work, dinner with a friend, and then a run through one of my favorite cities. I love seeing the White House, Washington Monument, Corcoran, and 1/2 a dozen other amazing sights while only running 3 miles.  It is amazing and I miss it sometimes when jogging in circles in my neighborhood...
2.  Week in the life is coming up soon! I think it begins Oct. 26th.  In the meantime, I'm trying to remind myself to document daily ordinary moments more and this is one.  Note the mess, puzzls, costumes, jackets, etc.... This quickly devolved when E became pretty destructive with M's puzzling attempts, but cute for a moment.
3.  I love, love this image and this guy. I was watching the gymnastics world championships coverage on TV on Sunday.  He was (ostensibly) reading about Jellyfish.  One or more of those things made him very sleep. 
4.  This guy continues to have adventures while his siblings are in Sunday School.  He is growing more adventurous with the church grounds and explored/rock climbed in the "forest" just off the terrace where Brent and I have coffee.  He had quite a wonderful time!
5.  My "Project Home" appears to be returning.  I "may" finally rehang the gallery wall in the entry.  This weekend I took inventory of the frames I need, repainted 7 of them to work with the new wall color, and began locating updated pictures.  I plan to use quite a few updated images from Able & Kari's wedding when they are available, but may go ahead and hang up the frames while I have some momentum. I also (finally) think we may have a fix for our missing mailbox door.  I'll let you know if it works.
6.  Recently there have been several rainy days, but when it isn't raining M&E are enjoying short neighborhood walks and hiding in our neighbor's willow tree.

7.  B had his final game of the season last night (which I missed, sad).  Luckily, the Korenaks, Grandma, Grammie & Granddaddy, Daddy, M, & E were there for the fun. I hear he even got to briefly play third base.  Baseball was definitely a successful adventure and he is looking forward to trying it again in the spring.

8. We also had B's parent-teacher conference this week.  As expected, he is doing amazingly well and has handwriting problems.  So it goes.  Grammie & Granddaddy also visited him at school this week for Grandparents Book Lunch and bought MANY books for all the kids so everyone is feeling very happy and full of new adventures just now.

9.  M continues to do well with her on/off school cycle. I think the French is progressing and I hear her speaking it more and responding to things I ask more easily.  Yesterday, she spent the day with Aunt Audra, Zane, and Ro having Science Museum, craft, and other fun adventure.  I hear it was a grand success and there may have been some confusion about if M & Zane are twins :)

10.  Mr. E had kind of a rough week in spots.  He was a little sick going in to last weekend and we were forced to snuggle for hours :)  He is feeling better and having a few more little fits of late.  These mostly revolve around his desire to have a costume on at all times and my occasionally taking them off for things like school, church, playing in sand, dinner, etc... I know, I'm so mean.  I think I'm vaguely better at taking these in stride than I was when B was at this age, btu know there is more to come.

I'm excited for a great few more days in DC and then home for ballet, birthdays, pumpkin fun, and lots more Halloween celebrations.  Thanks again to all the many hands, hearts, and helpers who assist our family while I am gone.  We love you and appreciate you so much!

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Audra said...

Uncle Able also made it out to the last Falcons game and added color commentary. Lots of fun!


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