Friday, December 19, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 18 - Class Parties

 We last left off with Day 17 and some slight dark photos. We're going to pick back up here with photos from the flat light of a drizzly December day.  I've added an insert between days 17 & 18 that lays nicely over the existing page 17
 I have 3 children who, between them, had 4 school Christmas parties. (Well, 5 if you count M attending the 2nd grade party).  I signed up to help with B's school party along with many other moms.  My task was to bring three apples, and hand out fruit, plates, and candy canes (with M's help).  It was a pretty good, low key party.  They ate their fruit, cheese, crackers, and candy canes while taking turns at a cookie decorating station.  M's class party (I hear) was wearing PJs, having pizza for lunch, and watching Christmas movies in the afternoon while sipping hot chocolate. E had two parties which included pizza, snacks, and presents from the teacher and hand print crafts for the parents. All of these were, I hear, fun, just a lot of logistics.
 Here is 18 with the overlay.  Crafting was incredibly simple for this day.  One stamp, a few stickers, some glitter glue and we're done!  It took less than 15 minutes (not counting drying time).  I'm glad this part of our story is in the book too as it has been a big week for school fun.
Full two page spread--- just in case you were wondering :)  Day 19 "might" include ice skating!

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