Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 17 - LEGOs + Cousins

Day 17 brings us back to the keeping it simple with one store per day mode.  There were other possibilities today, but the big story in my mind was an afternoon playing with cousins.  The Korenaks brought us an early Christmas present of Ninja Turtle ornaments they made.  We spent the afternoon playing together.  After a lot of noise, wrestling, disagreement about what to play, etc... we got everyone settled in for a game of Creationary because everyone loves LEGO block building, right?  We all certainly do and managed to stay occupied with the game until pizza arrived.  Brent & Zach arrive close in time to the pizza so the adults had time to swap the stories of their day before the Korenaks left.

I love afternoons like this and just being together with my sister and her family.  Yes, it is totally loud, messy, and sometimes a little intense, but I love every bit of it.  I am so glad my siblings live nearby now!

Crafting notes - I used the kit stamps and puffy dots for the title on the journaling card with, ummm, yes, another gold glitter embossed number :)  I wanted to balance the layout and add a bit of visual interest to the empty spot in the Creationary photo so I made a bit of an embellishment from mostly pieces of the kit & some SC mini red letter stickers.  The top left quandrant is the transparency from Day 16.  The star just happens to land right on the number, which I like.  Today, I happily managed to keep it simple and tell an central story line of what our life is like these days.

Editor's note: I posted days 15 -17 close together, but in separate posts.  If you missed one they are linked below:

Day 15
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