Friday, December 12, 2014

December Daily 2014- Day 9 - Deck the Halls!

When I don't actually finish the pages every day they tend either get to be very quick or a bit of scraplifting from Ali Edwards happens.  The left page of my day 9, for example is very, very similar to hers.  I did add some glittery red to the 9 itself.  I'm also talking more about sights, scents, and sights of the season (she wrote about things she is looking forward to).

 The right hand page of my day is a bit more detail about some of the new "sights" of the season at our house.  On the 9th, I added several more white frames and gold art around the house.  The two  larger prints here are from Ali's shop (courtesy of a black friday sale) and the center map is actually scrapbooking paper from this month's Studio Calico kit.  You can rub off the gold to reveal the country names and a colored map beneath.

We've added some art in other places (about 1/2 of it is seasonal).  M and I also "made" a tree skirt.  I had an old brown linen, round table cloth that was in the goodwill pile.  After some wandering through Pinterest, I rescued it and we cut a hole in the center, a slit up one side and voila!  (Yes, it could use a ruffle and some seam binding along the slit with ties, but right now it is folded artfully hiding the slit.)  It was a delightful free tree skirt and our tree is looking much more festive.

Crafting note - The "Joy" pocket is similar to hers, but with a red background as I wanted a bit more color.  The transparent pocket is one I'd planned for later in the month, but moved up and added some confetti and gold.  Yes, I did stamp those tiny numbers on the left page. So tiny!

Status update - Day 10 is done, and I planned to share it with this post, but noticed when processing the photos that I didn't add a "10" anywhere.  In short, it should be done soon.

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