Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

1.  I'm trying to shop local a little more for my Christmas gifts.  My family has this local Spice Shop and I know how vital this season is for them and for other small businesses.  It is harder though to shop this way with three small kids.  Also, lots of the cool "local" places are just not that "local" to my house. I drove to the Plaza today and it took forever to get there and back and I bought maybe three things and spent lots of time kid herding.

2.  Last year, I discovered Fried Okra on Etsy.  Santa brought E a small elephant and we got a small animal for Maia too.  I really wanted this small bunny for me.  Really.  But I am 35 years old and it seemed like too much money for a stuffed animal for myself in my 30s.  Today, I bought it.  Finally.  It was at the local store I was in (I got a tip from Tracie).  I love it. I truly do even if it makes no sense.  I spent a year waiting to buy myself a small $20 rabbit.  Clearly, I really did want it after all.  E keeps asking to "soft" it (aka pet it), which is also beyond adorable.

3. I was finally well enough to see Grandpa today.  I went early before work because it was important. I brought cards from the kids and I, a photo, and stories.  It was mostly me talking for an hour, but good. It felt good to be there.  So glad I got to visit.

4. Last night, I went and helped out at the spice shop.  We made gift sets, filled hot chocolate pouches, took down the fall decorations and did a little Christmas decorating, filled cinnamon stick and chip bags, added spice to tasters, back stocked, etc.... for four hours.  It was good.  We were berry workers and I'm glad I got to help and spend time with my mom.

5.  M & Z were playing on Tuesday and Z accidentally hit her in the face with a croquet mallet.  She has a big bruise and it hurts.  Today, I had to pick her up from school because she wouldn't quit crying for random reasons.  She told me it was something to do with the elevator.  She told Brent later when he came home that she didn't want people to talk about it or ask her about it anymore and it was bothering her.  I have no idea what is up with her, but do feel sad that she is having a rough week.

6.  I do have a mildly clever new shopping with a 2-year old strategy.  When we go out to run errands or do these attempts at local shopping, I basically make sure he has one or more small figures in his hands.  Currently, Luigi is the preferred "guy" but batman or a small car in the other.  This seems to be helping us make it safely through stores without breaking things, taking things off the shelf, or wandering too far away.  Also, it is totally adorable, as is he.

7.  I bought OU Women's Gymnastics season tickets.  I have two and while M will come sometimes others are welcome to come anytime too.  (I should note that adult season tickets are $15 for the season so really not that big of a buy.)  Let me know if you are interested in coming to a meet or two with us!

8.  I really need to try and pull it together in a list or something all the things I need to do and bring for each kids' school to make it to the 19th.  There is something every single day, basically.  Sending food, or wearing special clothes, or sending money, or donations, or stuff for Christmas projects...It is crazy town.

9.  The kids are both in the Christmas Program at church.  Our family is full of musicians and music teachers.  We believe in lots of practice and lots of rehearsal.  The Pre-K class at least has practiced very little and has several small songs.  I am very dubious about how this is going to turn out.  B's class has only one song (I think) and that seems to be going well.  I will be fascinated to see how this all turns out.

10.  Saturday is going to be a huge day.  First, M has wanted to do St. Lucia's day forever so we're trying that early in the am. (Yes, I tried moving this to a different day, but she KNOWS it is on the 13th and insists it must happen then).  Then, we're trying to see Santa.  Hopefully, we'll fit in lunch sometime before the ladies go to see the Nutcracker at 2pm.  It is all going to be lovely and festive, but definitely a swirl.  

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