Monday, December 15, 2014

December Daily - Day 14 - Christmas Program!

We ended Day 13 with the above page.  As I finished Day 14, I filled in that transparent pocket with the date and lots of sequins. 
 Day 14 featured our kids' first Christmas Programs at church.  M's class sang four very short songs as they Pre-K and Kindergarten classes took us through the Nativity.  Then the 1-5 grades did a bit more detailed version.  Each grade sang one song and the 5th graders played the various roles in the story.  B's class sang "Silent Night. Grandma and the Korenaks joined us for the fun. It was a really neat experience and I'm so glad it went well.

The left page is just half a page with the photo of B's class.  I like to add the little tabs when there are pages out of page protectors.  I like having these different sized pages her and there in the book and it worked well here as I liked having M & B's class right next to each other.
The transaparency has the date and colorful bits.  The next card was inspired by Ali's foundation pages and I added journaling and a few little colorful stickers.  The bottom portion is M's class and a little silver sticker.  (M is in the center at the base of the star).

 The back of the photo is this December card from the kit.  I may leave it as is or use it as a journaling card for Day 15.  I like it either way and it looks lovely with the pages behind it too, I think.

Crafting notes - I adhered the 14 to a piece of a page protector to hold it in place.  Sadly that piece doesn't fill the whole pocket.  I didn't think it would bother me, but it does so I'll likely replace it so so there isn't that line.

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