Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  December Daily Days 15 & 16 are done, just waiting for light to photograph.  Doing two pages at once seems to be working this week, but we'll see. I still love this project so much.

2. E is super emo this week. I think he might be teething? Is that possible? He says his face hurts.  He needs lots of nuggles and cries about "all the things"  otherwise he doesn't seem to have any symptoms hmmmm....

3.  M seems to have calmed down a bit after last week's issues.  This is particularly good as one child being in chaos at a time is really more than enough.  She is very in to watching Tinkerbell movies on Netflix at the moment and I'm trying to cut back on her screen time and encouraging more dancing, puzzles, and such.  She is good with it and a great helper with my baking.

4.  B is quite talkative this week.  Love this enormously.  He is not, inherently, chatty. This week, however, either at night when he finishes reading or right when he gets home from school he has a lot to say and not just fluff.  Some of it is real, hard stuff like missing his friend Umer from last year and finding new friends, but still lots of info about Minecraft too.

5.  Every day this week there is some kid thing at school - PJ days, read-in, parties, pizza day, teacher's gifts, food to bring, just lots of stuff.  It is good stuff and at the moment I feel like I have a handle on it.  The kids seem happy and not yet overwhelmed.  Here's hoping.  I feel OK about it right now too.  Very much going with flow and trying to keep plans fairly low so we have the flexibility to do interesting things that might happen spontaneously.  Tricky balance for type A me :)

6.  M is doing exercises with me more and more in the afternoon.  She doesn't always make it through the full video or circuit that I'm doing, but she is doing a bit more each time and seems to like it. I like doing it with her, but also like that exercise is already becoming a part of her routine and her perception of daily life.  This week we have been doing stuff at home and haven't gone to the gym.  Maybe Thursday? Either way, exercising every day keeps happening and I'm so glad it does as we near the nine month mark!

7. I do still miss getting to go to holiday parties at my job.  I miss the camaraderie of that moment.  I did send cookies and Christmas cards.  This year, one of my close work friends and colleagues came to OKC last week with his partner and I got to have lunch with them and show them around a bit.  I declared it my very own staff holiday party and was very happy!

8.  Of course while I was off lunching, I missed a call from B's school saying he had run in to a pole.  This made two days in a row of running into a pole.  He was ultimately fine, just iced and sent back to class.  Still lots of mom guilt about missing those calls.  Also, why didn't they call Brent when they didn't reach me? Weird.

9. My Grandpa got to go back to Okeene.  He is still in the hospital and on oxygen, but, I hear, doing much better, which is awesome.  My mom is now exhausted with all that adrenaline gone.  She is recuperating at the farm. Here's hoping they both find energy, health, and Christmas fun as they feel better.

10. I came to the stunning realization that Christmas is just over a week away.  We should possibly wrap something or um, buy groceries and make a meal plan for a week of most of us home most days.  I am so not in to cooking dinner this December.  We did have latkes and some Hanukkah discussions tonight. Christmas itself will just be at our house, possibly with visits from others, but I really haven't thought a bit about food and after that it is three days of parties for which I have no plan (Only one is at my house).  Maybe it is time for a bit more planning and a bit less chill.  I'm rambling, but sure it will work out. I'm especially good at pulling celebrations together at the last minute and have Christmas magic on my side!

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