Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily - Day 7 - Movie Night!

Today, there were a couple possible stories.  For example, I considered adding the story of M's Advent class at Sunday School and learning the Legend of the Candy Cane.  Or maybe including picking cards off of the giving tree to buy them gifts for Christmas.

However, after making way too many pages, ahem, four pages yesterday I opted for keeping it simple.  I did not mess with the photo hardly at all. I accepted that it is dark.  It is, after all, Movie Night.

Weeks ago I purchased a Very Merry Muppet Christmas and was very excited to finally have my favorite Muppet Christmas show from my childhood....wait for it.... of course it wasn't the right movie. Not only that it was probably a bit too full of innuendo for our kids along with lots of early 00s references that seem bizarre now.  Sigh.  My track record at picking movies for Christmas movie night is pretty sad.

Gold embossed stars? Yes, Please.

While we watched that a bit, Brent found the movie I was seeking on YouTube - A Muppet Family Christmas- and we watched that instead. (My hero!!)  I still love it every bit as much as in 1987 and happily everyone else did too.   Fascinatingly, we watched this show taped off of TV a lot when I was young and the tape ended before the program did so there were a few "bonus" minutes for me to enjoy at the end as well!  We did have to explain the Fraggles to our kids, so clearly there are more shows they need to see!

Crafting Notes - The Journaling card is from Ali's December Daily kit.  It was likely meant to be cut into 2 3x4 inch cards, but I decided to use it as is.  The stamps at the top and lower left are also included.  I did use my spiffy new Grey ink for the first time and liked it. I also embossed the seven in glitter gold because it makes me happy.  I layered it over a chipboard piece for more dimension and to cover one of the trees as the seven wasn't fitting well with the full design.  It felt like the page needed a bit more color so the red glitter tape was my final addition.

A final look at the "see-through" elements.  I chose to have the photo on top, not the journlaing card so the tree shows through onto the layout about the tree decorating.  I'm not particularly thrilled with that word art in the confetti (can you see it? It says "twinkle") as in this placement it doesn't show at all. I may move it later, but for today.  All done and happy with one simple page. 

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