Monday, January 12, 2015

Healthy Favorites

I am nearing my 300th consecutive day of exercise and, yet again, promising to be more mindful about what I'm eating.  Here are some things that I like to keep myself on track. (Yes, this is a reminder for me as much as you).

1. Garmin VivoFit activity band - it is similar to a fit bit or other pedometer. I like that it is also a watch, and includes a variety of other statistics during the day.  As a bonus you only have to charge it about once a year.  I am on month seven and no charging so far!

2. Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat - Love this mat (Thanks to Tracie for the recommendation). I use it for lots of exercise and it feels awesome on my feet as the towel is built in.  It is also washable!  I also use this brand of yoga strap and yoga blocks.  Yes, those are things I actually own these days :)

3.  The Stick - Yes, I have a big foam roller, but it is cumbersome and I'm not running enough lately to use it.  I do still use this rolling stick whether or not I'm running if my calves feel tight or my feet are starting to hurt. It is one of those things that is kind of painful, but feels oh so good afterwards.  (Thanks to Heather for the recommendation).  This little tool helps keep my injuries away or at bay so I'm a big fan.

4.  Feetures socks - I basically can't run without them. (For those new here, I have a variety of foot issues).  They are awesome.  You should get some, immediately after you get over paying that much for a pair of socks. Our family Christmas at the farm looked like a feetures commercial as we all love them. (I know you are now expecting a shoe recommendation, but I'm a bit on the fence about shoes brands at the moment so not this time....)

5. - Excellent source for healthy recipes complete with nutritional information.  Tonight we had the "Bangin Good Chicken Salad" and it was great -- well, my kids had Ranch on their salads instead of the spicer dressing, but we're calling it a win.

6. MyFitnessPal - I use the Ap, (or sometimes the website) it to track food intake.  It syncs with my Garmin VivoFit (see 1 above) so my calories burned are taken in to account.  You can now import recipes from websites very easily if you don't already have the nutritional information and have a quick answer about calories, fat, etc...

7. Charity Miles - when I'm running or walking I turn this ap on in the background and feel a tiny bit better that I'm raising money for charity as I exercise.

8. Tunes - I really like music while I exercise, sometimes lately that means dance parties in my living room using my Bem speaker.  My newest song on my running playlist is Uptown Funk--- which isn't completely kid friendly, but is great fun. Also, I have new wireless headphones from Jamie for Christmas which are pretty cool too.

9. Moving Comfort Sports Bras -- If you need, ahem, a lot of support for high intensity exercises these have been the most successful for me.  Let me know if you have other suggestions. (Ps. I prefer Fiona and Juno).

10. Friends - It is hugely helpful/motivational for me when other people are posting that they have done their training for the day. No idea why, but it is a great extra push that helps get me out the door and sense that I'm in this together.  Tracie is the best about this, but my relay team and I do it as well (Emily & Jessie are also  good about encouraging me out the door). Thanks to everyone who helps me along my fitness journey. I tremendously appreciate your support and encouragement!

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Tracie said...

Go Abbey Go! I still love, love, love my yoga mat. I have blocks and a strap, but considering getting a new strap. I've been using My Fitness Pal the past 3.5 weeks consistently. We should be friends on there as well!


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