Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  Friday was one of three regular season home meets for your 2014 National Champion OU Women's Gymnastics team :)  I have season tickets this year (they are only $15 each so not as glamorous as it might sound).  M and I had a great time and were joined for awhile by the Lam ladies.  The Sooners were victories and claimed a #1 ranking this week to start the 2015 season.
 2.  We work on reading every day with M and she is making good progress. It is so fun to listen to her read E his favorite dinosaur book. (And to have a break from reading it as we read this one at least a few times a week).
3.  It almost looks like E is flying here in his Batman cold weather gear.  The little boys, in particular, had a great time playing at the far despite the cold weather.
4.  80% of our Relay team went running together on Saturday.  Zach took a nap instead.  So far training runs are going well and this was obviously the best of the bunch as running together is always more fun (even when it is SO cold). Today's run was with B at the Y.  Still fun and much warmer.
 5.  This guy is closely related to his primate ancestors.  He can often be found upside down and, of late, has started holding his sippy cup in his feet while resting upside down.
6.  He is also prone to weird looks :)

7.  B and I have a mini book club going that involves reading one Percy Jackson book every two days (more or less).  The books are fun and entertaining, but we only have two left so we'll likely have to check out more soon.

8.  Brent resumed classes this week, which means he is at dorm night tonight and all the usual semester stuff for our family is officially underway.

9.  This weekend B is having his friends birthday party at Laser Quest (again).  It is Minecraft themed. I have done perilously little to prepare for said party, but when they aren't at your house it is much simpler.  We will, of course, have a second family party on Tuesday evening and may decorate in a very small way for that one.  Can you believe he will be 8?

10.  Christmas at the farm was fun. I am always dubious about if the Beef Wellington is going to be worth the time/ingredients, but oh my it so is.  We also had Goose for the first time and an assortment of British puddings, among many other things.  It was a great time and I think definitely time to move on to birthday season after a lot of wonderful Christmas in the last two months!  Our decorations are mostly down, which is helping a lot in that regard. 

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