Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Not succeeding at blogging lately.  B's birthday week went by without a single post, not even a 10 on Tuesday.  I shall endeavor to do better, but these things are cyclical and I am currently in a "reading" phase.  We shall see.

2.  M and I made another voyage to Norman to watch the OU Gymnastics meet on Friday. I almost didn't go, but was SO glad I did as we got to see two perfect 10 scores from OU!  It was a great meet, but a little hard for M as these things don't start until almost 7.

3.  Saturday morning I got up and went running with Tracie and the Runhers running group.  It was fun.  My training for the relay is still run/walk so attempting to run the full three miles created some issues in the second half, but she was patient and it was fine.

4.  Book club was on Saturday at Tracie's house.  It went well.  Things are a bit weird on the book club/friend front at the moment as some of my closest friends have moved away and more will soon.  It is a time of transition and change, which are rarely my favorite things.

5.  E has a cold.  It has been two weeks and recently he seems more miserable, not less, so he and Brent are going to the Doctor tomorrow. It could be that he is feeling particularly age 2 as some of the symptoms are similar. The amount of time Brent and I have spent asking him to do things he clearly can do while he responds "I can't" is unbelievable.

6.  I tried out the new "Bonjour" restaurant with Mom, M, Audra and her boys today after M's French lesson.  It was very delicious, as promised. I love good food.

7.  I'm strangely exhausted this evening.  It could be all the battles with E, some sad news today, a busy day, allergies, or who knows what.  My "exercise" du jour was 30 minutes of walking.  I wanted to stop many times.  How crazy is that?

8.  This evening was the first music open house at M&E's school.  It was pretty fun to see all the kids go through their music class activities.  Most of the time our kids just wanted to sit in our laps and not participate, but that's pretty par for our course.

9.  The weather is amazingly beautiful.  I kept the kids outside as long as possible, pruned some trees, walked around, and just enjoyed the sunshine.  Having temps in the 70s in January is so weird, but very pleasant.

10.  B hasn't really gotten a mention yet.  He is doing well.  Still reading lots, playing video games, loving playing with E, and generally becoming a true 8 year old.  He is awesome.

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