Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. School is cancelled for tomorrow, which I was totally predicting, but is hysterical when it is 50 degrees outdoors and the first drop of moisture has yet to arrive.  Brent may even stay home with us which would be awesome and dramatically improve my ability to work efficiently. (My work, obviously, will still be open as it is half a continent away with different weather.)

2.  On Friday evening, I am going to the final regular season home meet for OU Gymnastics v. the University of Florida.  These two teams tied for the national championship last spring and are doing very well this year.  It should be an awesome meet.  Anyone want to come with me???? (crickets).

3. B has been wanting to take archery lessons for years.  A couple times he and Brent went to the morning archery open sessions in Mid-West City, but it didn't work out very well with our schedules.  He is, happily, now old enough for lessons at Edmond Parks & Rec, which began today.  He appeared to have a great time and was very happy afterwards. I spent the time running laps next door at the Y so it all works out :)

4.  M and I voted in the OKC City Council elections today.  I saw a bit ago that only 4% of the registered voters for this election actually voted.  This is seriously still one of my pet peeves.  The entire voting process took less than 5 minutes.  The research on candidates took maybe twice that long.  You have a duty as a citizen to inform yourself and go vote. (Steps of civic engagement soap box).

5. Children's place was having a huge sale, as usual.  I scored these two adorable "Easter hats" for the boys as well as matching argyle sweaters.  They are going to be "the dorbs" as my kids would say.  I also bought all of them coordinated (although sadly not matching) St. Patrick's day shirts.  Get excited!

6. My birthday was completely awesome from Friday's sibling date night right through Sunday family dinner at my house. It included scrapbooking, sleeping in, a run, indian food, two pies from Pie Junkies, fancy drinks, reading, resting, Brent doing tons of cleaning while I was given a pass to do other things, lovely presents, a card from my friend Heather, etc... I do plan a whole separate post on the awesome gold, glittery heels Brent & M picked out for me, but in the meantime thanks to everyone who made it a special lovely weekend.  You rock and mean so much to me!

7. This weekend Baseball practice starts, apparently.  This means that for a few weeks B will have Spanish lessons, Baseball practice (and eventually games), and archery lessons.  It is a bit of an accident of scheduling, but seriously don't try to find me Tuesday afternoons/evenings as I'll just be driving a big circle around Edmond (probably very slowly..sigh).

8. Tracie took this picture of me on my bday in which I look even more overweight than normal and as my personal celebrations have come to an end the whole food tracking, careful consumption begins again. I hate this, and also that picture so such is life.

9.  I read a good book this week that was a gift from my friend Chrissie - The Dress Shop of Dreams.  Otherwise, I continue to read 100s (ok 1000s) of pages of Percy Jackson books with B.  They really are good though.

10.  M and Grandma spent a solid hour today reading her Linnea in Monet's Garden book.  It was lovely to hear them chatting at the other end of the house and so enjoying it together and planning their own trip to Paris someday.  So cool and nice that M will take a deep dive in to some subjects, particularly Monet :)

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