Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Magic Shoes

I'm pretty sure that if anyone asked me what I wanted for my birthday I would pretty much never have said gold, glittery heels.  For one, my feet are impossible to fit.  They are wide, so most shoes don't work. Also, they have grown in my child bearing years so the proper size varies.  Then, we arrive at my chronic foot problems -- plantar fasciitis, at minimum. Buying shoes is hard and rarely fun with all these complications. Zappos and I just send boxes back and forth and I end up settling for "something." The idea that someone else could buy me shoes that fit would never cross my mind.  Add to that that I work from home and the few days I do wear heels, they are almost always black as I morph into "lawyer mode" during my DC trips. I do not need glittery, strappy, heels...even though I think they are awesome in concept.

 I was totally surprised when Brent & M gifted me these champagne colored heels that fit, feel good, and are oh so pretty.  Brent had asked M what they should get and this was her idea.  He helped her sort through the choices to ones that had heels, but not 6 inch ones.  He helped narrow the selection to heels that were more my style than hers, and found the proper size from my closet.  They magically fit and make me oh so happy.  They are impractical, beautiful, fun, and make me feel pretty and special. Did you know one pair of glittery heels could do that?  These can and they are magic.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Happy Birthday to me!

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