Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  We are finally making progress on the great garage trim project.  This project should probably take like a day or two, but think it has taken us all month and there are a couple steps left...

 2.  As usual, these items are in no particular order --- here are moments from Sunday's Discovery kids concert.  We all went and had a great time. It was a really good mix of interactive elements, dancing, singing, art, and great fun.  We are definitely singing up for the season tickets again in the fall.
 3.  Tonight was the second game of the spring baseball season.  It went MUCH better for our blue falcons.  B was late in the batting order this time, but it was worth the wait for a single drive down the 3rd base line.  He then stole two bases and was batted home.  This is actually the first time I've seen him score as I was traveling when he scored last season.  I think I might be more nervous than he is when he is base running.  Granddaddy asked him how it felt to touch home plate.  He said it was annoying because everyone was "yelling at me" --- I don't think he gets "cheering" but whatever, he's silly.  The team had one very awesome inning and pulled within one run, but lost.
 4.  We enrolled M for Kindergarten at long last . She is very excited and ready to go come August!  E was a patient attendee for the big event.  I'm a little amazed still that he'll just hang around and color while I fill out paperwork. I don't remember M being quite so patient at this age.

5.  Prepare for many pictures of Easter fun at Grammie and Granddaddy's.  My DSLR had some SD card issues so sadly all iphone photos, but we'll do our best.  

 6 I feel like this should be called subdued M - she is quite and a little hesitant here as she didn't find her allotted 10 easter eggs and Kaedyn was forced to share her excess with M.  A bit sheepish, but I think she'll figure it out before egg hunts end in a week or two.
E of course loved it and is getting so big

7. Here is the whole crew lined up - 1 kid hid, 7 kids hunted and the 9th is a bit too small.  Right now our generation is three families of three kids each. One more cousin will marry in the fall so there may be another couple cousins for this great-grandchild line up. 
 8.  Since B began Kindergarten, we've had lunch at school together once each month (sometimes more).  Occasionally, I think he isn't that in to it, but on Monday he asked whether I would be coming Monday or Tuesday as I hadn't come this week.  I of course came today and brought him Tuckers as an extra treat.  One student I heard call me B's beautiful mommy, so high point of the day for sure.  (And this is a day when I called the President of the NY Yankees direct line and chatted... so that's saying something.

9.  Palm Sunday I attended Sunday School with M's class.  They made some art that involved feet prints and washing people's feet (forshadowing Thursday's mass).  Then they had a mini last supper (tortillas and grape juice), a little venerating the cross that mostly involved hugs (Friday's mass) and then songs and preparation for the very last week of Sunday School, which is a pizza party (and apparently a quiz for the parents that I'm certain to fail).  Sunday School has been great for M.  She loves Ms. Maggie and her class and telling us all about it. I hear less from B, but he seems fine with it and I'm very glad we've done it and will again next year.

10.  Storm season is here.  I loved walking away from the ball park tonight to the smell of dirt and rain in the air.  Our yard looks phenomenal and our new little tree from last year and all the bulbs are blooming.  Ironically, just when our house is coming together we're toying very lightly with moving across town.  We shall see.  It would make for a couple tough months, but when has something being hard ever stopped me from doing it? We'll see if I can work that old magic again and if it doesn't work out.  I'll just enjoy our beautiful soft, green grass on this side of the fence :)

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