Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Zane at bat!
B's first at bat of the season.
Baseball boys in the excitement of game day!

1.  Little League season is in full swing. (Pun intended).  B and Zane are both playing this season and happened to both have games on the very first night.  Zane's game really made one appreciate how much the 8 yos know about baseball rules, but was completely adorable.  Everyone had a great time and he did seem really glad to see us.  The red fez was a gift from the Blakleys upon their return from Turkey.  And yes, if you want to turn lots of heads set 5 boys loose at little league with red fezs on.  B and Zane were both second up in their batting rotations and both got thrown out at first on at least one of their turns. B's team seems to be doing much better at fielding and his game ended tied 0-0 in OT. It was a lovely evening and great to share it with our family, the Korenaks, Grandma, Granmmie, Granddaddy, and the Blakleys.  LOTS of family support here and I love it. 
 2. On Friday afternoon, we joined Zane, Ro, Grandma, and Audra for some fun in Bricktown to wrap up spring break.  E and I were only along for the canal ride.  I thought it was fun and happily no one threw themselves (or was thrown) into the canal, although E was clearly tempted. Grandma also took the bigger kids to the banjo museum (yes, that's a thing) and on a horse drawn carriage ride.  Very exciting! We ended the outing with frozen yogurt and then I went home and ran for an hour to beat back the crazy :)

 3. After much dithering we have started reading Harry Potter as a family book, even though B could easily read it on his own.  Brent has never read the series and thus reading it together made the most sense.  So far so good, and much more manageable chapters than the Lord of the Rings. Here's hoping he loves it!
 4.  One day last week the kids randomly asked to make and decorate sugar cookies. I acquiesced despite my lack of enjoyment in decorating cookies.  Happily, we discovered that M and B are now quite old enough to do all the decorating and clean up from that activity themselves, which made everyone happier.  B made St. Patrick's Day themed cookies a few days late and they were quite delicious.

 5.  We also broke out a lot of our board games during Spring Break. Friday's choice was Mouse Trap.  Technically, B, M, E, and I were playing, but most of the players lost interest quickly and we "might" not have been exactly following the rules due to a small misunderstanding at the outset.  B did complete the whole thing and got to share his creation with Grandma who stopped by to watch them while I worked.

 6.  Sunday morning, M discovered that the faeries had visited overnight and added new flowers and moss to our faerie garden and a little plant in the front yard as well.  She was, as you would imagine, overjoyed.
 7.  Saturday evening, we all went to the Big XII Gymnastics Championships at OU.  The boys haven't been to a gymnastics meet this year, so M was cluing them in on all the cool parts.  OU won handily and we had a great time.

 8.  Tomorrow, at long last, this little lady will be enrolled in Kindergarten.  It is definitely time, but I'm also so going to miss our time together.  This photo is from a small morning Starbucks date before French.  So cute.  (Yes, I still can't make dog ears even....) I have enjoyed our year together even if it has been a little different than I might have imagined. No clue what I will do without her for those long school days.  Also, no clue what it will be like to have just one kid here in the hours before and after MDO while the bigs are still in school.  Hanging out with one kid routinely hasn't happened in, well, about 5.5 years :)
9. Today was archery lessons, week 3.  B seems to still enjoy it and is working on his aim, I'm told.  Each week, the kids have wanted to play on these "landrun" statues near the parking lot and today they again asked that I take their photo.  Archery days have been pretty fun for everyone as M&E have been playing outside at Y childcare while I run and B works on his archery.  A very engaging use of 45 minutes.

10.  The race is 5 weeks away.  Sometimes I say that and it seems so near.  Mostly it seems so far and I find myself counting how many runs there are between here and there.  (Probably 13ish....)  It looks like I'll be running a 10K leg, which is a little daunting, but I accidentally ran/walked for 6 miles on Sunday and it was OK. I mean it took a very long time and was very slow, but I did it and felt OK.  It was the first time this training cycle that my feet have really hurt though so I remain nervous.  Here's hoping I can keep up the program for another few weeks and that the rest of our team pulls through their various struggles.  Our goal is to finish in less than 6.5 hours, which seems very modest for a marathon,  and I think doable.  I think we'll be able to finish it in 6 hours, but we shall see. I apparently am running the last leg so the later it is when I start the hotter it will be and if anyone has to run past the 6.5 hour mark when the course ceases to be fully closed to traffic it will be me.  So, yeah, I'm nervous about my own body, but also about the timing.  I'm sure it will all work out somehow, it usually does.  

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